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In the Name of God بسم الله

Animal urine in skincare/ hair products

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Hey sisters and brothers hope you are having a blessed day inshallah

I would like to discuss a very upsetting situation. So i’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner until I read the ingredients. I mever ever thought I need to to look through ingredients of cosmetics products until I was on youtube and saw a lady make a video about the hair company that I was using “Maui Moistriser” 

Anyways she discusses about toxic chemicals in the products and toward the end she mentions that there is an Ingredient called “urea” “uric acid”meaning that it contains animal pee. This shocked me because I know for a fact that animal pee is najis. Thats is so upsetting that Ive been washing my hair with animal pee and probably millions of other muslims such as my relatives using without awareness. I realised that even some skin care products contain this ingredient. I just want to spread this awareness to the brothers and sisters that this is an issue if you know or not know about it personally in my community no body knew about this. Its upsetting to see companies using urine in our cosmetic products to create “good quality”products be a high brand . so apparently not only do we have to read the food labels but also cosmetics products lol.

However I do like to address that there is two types of urine used in products it can be synthetic or animal urine. Its best to contact with the company which type they use because the synthetic is halal (correct me if im wrong) so please share this. and be aware.

may allah forgive us and bless us all.

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Urea/uric acid are not najis. They are chemical compounds present in urine but the presence of these compounds does not mean that your skincare/shampoo contains any urine. 

“Urea is a major component of the urine of mammals. So it’s not surprising that some people wonder if the urea in cosmetic comes from urine. 

In commercial cosmetics, urea is made synthetically in a lab. Synthetic urea is also commonly added to baked goods and wines to help with fermentation.”

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