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In the Name of God بسم الله

Never want to publish anything in my life

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Every writer’s worst fears is having their book stolen. My book, the one I’d worked so hard on for 3 years, was stolen, and now I never want to publish in my life. In my life. I’m so gutted and heartbroken I don’t think I’ll ever recover. I don’t think I’ll ever recover. I have an exquisite talent and rare gift, and everyone knows it. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, I’m the best out there and I always have been. 

However, because my novel was stolen, I refuse to put myself out there. I refuse to publish anything. That dream shattered entirely and I will never publish a novel in my lifetime. When I’m dead and gone, people can read my work. I’ll be like all the great writers who were cast aside in their lifetime and recognized only after their deaths. Like Emily Dickinson or the incredible painter, Van Gogh. That is my fate. Before coming for me and saying that I’m dramatic, please note that my book, my baby, the one and only book I ever wanted to publish, has been stolen. My heart will ache forever. I’ve put so much blood, sweat, and tears into my literary masterpiece and to have it stolen feels like my world has shattered. I’ve lost all my hopes and dreams and hope they enjoy rotting in the deepest pits of hell where they belong for what they did to me. I’m so deeply traumatized and upset. Someone please comfort me, I’m so upset. 

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39 minutes ago, Guest Window said:

Someone please comfort me, I’m so upset. 

Salam, Sister. I'm sorry about the loss of your book. You have endured a lot of trauma from your childhood up to now, which proves that you are a survivor. Allah is your Lord and He will see you through every obstacle. For sure you can be successful in so many ways. If you focus on the past, you will get stuck there and not even see the good that you can do now. We can't change the past, so we must stay focused on the here and now, and do what we can to get through each day.

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Salam. I'm really sorry to hear that. As a fellow writer, I know how dear our works are to us. Is there nothing you can do? How exactly was it stolen? don't you have any proof that the work is yours? you dont have any old copies, even unfinished ones, that youve perhaps sent on mail, or saved a long time ago, that can be used as proof for an investigation?

If that's not the case, then I'm really sorry. But please, don't stop writing. Think of all the inspiring stories you've read, as a fellow writer I imagine you also strive to create characters that rise up after every fall, that know the battle is lost only when they give up. So don't give up! Keep writing. While you may have lost the book, the three years did not go to waste. You've spent them writing, honing your craft. They stole your book, don't let them steal your passion as well.

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