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In the Name of God بسم الله

A wife kissing other women with passion. What is the ruling?

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Guest QuestionMiddleman

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Guest QuestionMiddleman

Salaam all.

A good friend of mine has a wife who confessed to having kissed a lesbian couple with passion which included lustful bodily contact as well as lustful gazes on each others' bodies. Of course he is devastated, but he was curious about what is the legal ruling on something like this, but didn't feel well enough to ask on a forum on his own so he asked me to look for some answers. Does this come under adultery? Yes or no? If yes, why and if no then why not? If no then what does this come under and legally what is the punishment (given the conditions are fulfilled such as for adultery which requires 4 confessions on separate occasions)

Apart from that, although he didn't ask this, I wanted to ask so I can advise him: What should he do now? He is obviously depressed and frustrated with anger but also said he loved her, but feels very betrayed and broken. She confessed because she saw a bad dream reminding her of what she did so she woke up crying and later confessed to him about her actions. What should he do? Answers are welcome from both Shia brothers and sisters

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Wa alaikum as salam

For a proper reply you will need to refer to experts in fiqh 

What she did is certainly haram, although I don't know what exactly would be required in such a case for it to be considered adultery. 

If she has repented and put this behind her then I think her husband should try and find it in his heart to forgive her.

May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) protect us all from such things 

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Guest Abdul

و عليكم السلام 

In terms of what he should do, it really depend on many factors, the first thing I always look at is children, and the families from each spouse. If there is no children and the two families understand your decision then he has more options available to him including divorce if he feels there is no return from such an act.

If there is children and these children are young and need their mother then he needs to find it in himself to forgive her and try to mend this relationship as quickly as possible so they can keep the family together for the sake of their children. Obviously it depends on the man, some men cannot forgive such as an act and some will.

I would be very wary as well that this problem does not spill outside their home into other family members, from my experience family members make it more harder for us and put unwanted pressures to make hasty decisions especially in a delicate situation like this. It is best to calm down sit down both of you and talk about it and try to solve the problem between you two and come up with solutions and the woman should give the man her word that this will never happen again and she needs to repent. 

If the situation becomes out of your control and there is repeat offences then you can consult family members but like I said do not do this first, you can speak to her father or mother for example but this should be a last resort.

الله يحفظكم 

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