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In the Name of God بسم الله

Is tomorrow Al Quds day?

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Yes. Quds Day is always the last Friday in the Holy Month of Ramadan. 

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A global sense of responsibility has made Al-Quds Day

A sense of responsibility in the Islamic nation and a global sense of responsibility has made Al-Quds Day. Under the pretext of Al-Quds Day, let's review Imam Khomeini's words about this day, "Muslims need to be aware that today is not like yesterday. This period in history is not like previous periods when every tribe pursued its own interests in its own territory... Today, the interests of all Islamic countries are intertwined. Today, any issue in one corner of the world is an issue related to the whole world, not just their issue."

At another time, he said, "Al-Quds Day is universal, and it is not a day dedicated only to Al-Quds. It is the day of the oppressed confronting the Arrogant Powers. It is the day when the nations that were under the pressure of American and non-American oppression stand up.”

On Al-Quds Day, only films related to Al-Quds Day are shown, but according to what Imam Khomeini had said, the bombing of Yemen, the killings in Kashmir, and the hunger of some people in Africa should be shown on this day as well. When he said "universal," he meant that even American crimes in Vietnam, Latin America, etc. must be shown and talked about. Al-Quds Day is not just about one place, Al-Quds. Of course, that is the focal point.

On another occasion, he said, "I am hopeful this day will be a prelude to ‘the group of the oppressed in the world [a united group composed of oppressed people from all over the world].’”

— Agha Alireza Panahian


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