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In the Name of God بسم الله

Naked Western Struggle to Topple Pakistan Govt Again

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This time around they are not being subtle and they are in a hurry to remove our first ever in a very long time INDIGINOUS, local, patriotic, democratically elected prime minister Imran Khan. Not only because as you can see in the picture above, the ambassadors of the gora sahabs namely the great satan's and EU's have started visiting the corrupt, convicted and under trial and out of popularity previous puppet pets of theirs, which also includes terrorist bosses like mulla fazal ur rehman who heads a political party called JUI and by decree of his master has always been in power along with any party given lead, since he is the deobandi terrorists local chief and so one of their generals and he demands it and cant be refused. Moreover, this is coming from journalists this time that 300 million dollars was the first aid package for these losers and devils to start political strife, which is alhamdulillah going to lose so long as the army also resists the great temptations being offered. Otherwise, and my calculations suggest, that they will manage to bring their puppet back in their lap. Only then all the prophecies specific to "Hind wa Sindh" / subcontinent as well as the absence of prophecies in some cases like the absence of the mention of the numbers of ansar of Mehdi (عليه السلام) from this region, are fulfilled. And this corrupt nation deserves it in the very least. So with this turn of events, ok lets say if it comes to pass, China will abandon Pakistan, while the great satan has always done so in the past during the 65 and 71 wars for instance or on the Kashmir issue etc etc etc. We will be like a goat surrounded by lions who are in the Shanghai bloc. India, Iran, China, Russia. What do you think will happen then? We will face karma of course.

This began after our PM returned from his Moscow visit and the de-nazification military op started in Ukraine, EU ambassadors called on him immediately and asked him to condemn Russia to which he replied he can not do that, and why they do not ask India to condemn Russia first? To which they threatened drone strikes and he told them if they send any flying object across the border he will order the Pak Air Force to shoot it down. Then the very next day their pawns started openly contacting every criminal boss and corrupt political boss in the country, openly started transferring millions of dollars which they are giving to the other corrupt politicians who were supporting Imran Khan and in a big hurry to oust him with the turbo boost of satan power behind them now. After this fat white pig visited fazal ur rehman there was a bomb blast in a Peshawar's mosque which martyred 50 innocent Shia citizens. My friends in the army shared with me pictures of dead scumbag terrorists armed to the teeth with USMC arms and equipment, called them ISIS or whatever you want. They are trying to get inside the country desperately from the western border and thankfully mostly getting butchered especially since we have timely placed extensive mine fields at the border along with the usual readiness.

Just wanted to get the news of this out here.

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