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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Tested Positive for Covid today

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I have been using antibiotics for my tooth for 6 days now before pulling out the tooth but for three days I felt tired and had severe backache. I thought it was the side effects of the pills and throwing my sons up and down without warming up, playing with them. Today I went to the hospital and got shot a painkiller and the doctor told me to get a covid test just in case. And it is positive. Strange thing is I don't have throatache, fever, coughing or any other symptoms. They have not called me yet from the hospital but I see online that I am covid positive. Should I carry on using the antibiotics for the tooth? Thanks.

Also need your prayers for me and my family. Thanks.

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14 hours ago, Abu Hadi said:

The omicron variant of Covid (which is responsible for the vast majority of cases currently) is highly contagious. At the same time, it has less severe symptoms vs earlier variants, like Delta, especially for those who got the vaccine. I'm not a doctor, but I think you should only think about going to the hospital if your symptoms get severe, despite your positive test result. Most of the people who I know that had Covid recently (within the last few months) didn't need to go to the hospital. They were sick for about a week, then it went away. Obviously if you have other medical conditions which may make Covid more severe (like diabetes, auto immune disease, etc) then definitely you need to consult your regular doctor. 

I like to add for all those who have COVID test positive, they should think that it is a temporary phase for your body to make resistance to this disease. Thus the medicines as prescribed should be continued and a thought  should be given that Allah almighty hath given them a chance to take rest though with some precautions. It is also a chance to remember Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) for his all other blessings that we all of us have. 

I also remember the words of Dua of Imam Zainul abideen (عليه السلام).from Saheefa Sajadiya that contains (similar words) that i do not know which is better condition for me the healthy condition then i perform my Wajibat / necessary worship or the sickness when my sins are falling off  for cleansing of my soul.

 May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) keep all of us in good health and keep us on the path of Masoomeen .(عليه السلام)


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On 1/26/2022 at 10:21 AM, islamicmusic said:

Should I carry on using the antibiotics for the tooth? Thanks.

Also need your prayers for me and my family. Thanks.

Yes, but they will tell you this when they call you about your positive test result. 

Two of my sons tested positive for covid on Sunday, and both are fine now. The older one had only a sore throat and cough, and the younger had some pretty intense vomiting and body aches. None of the rest of us have developed symptoms at all. If you're vaccinated, you'll be fine. If you're not vaccinated, you'll probably be fine. 

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