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In the Name of God بسم الله


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Salamun alaikum brothers and sisters!

I have a question regarding the legitimacy of the site of Ayatullah Khamenei which is leader. ir.

I send my questions to which they reply in about a week or two but this time I have sent a request to verify my receipt of khums which I have sent via one of the pilgrims and have not been responded to yet. Its been a month since I have requested the verification.

Can anyone help with the issue?

Thank you all



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Salam It's completely  legitimate  which about receiving  receipt  for Khums it provides online receipt for Iranian  user who are inside Iran but sending receipt for outside of Iran is always  have been problematic  because countries  likewise  America are always limiting access to leader. ir in similar fashion  which America  has blocked some of Iranian governmental  & religious  & News sites so there you need to receive your receipt  through that pilgrim who you have sent your Khums.


Why has the US blocked Iranian media websites?

Tehran calls the US move to take down more than 30 state media-linked websites a ‘breach of free speech’.



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