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In the Name of God بسم الله

Will Imam Mahdi(as) rule by Shia law or by Laws of Ahul kitab and Islam?

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Salam Shia rulling is conclusion  of all religions of of Ahlul Kitab  nevertheless  Imam Mahdi (aj) will bring  original Torah  & Bible/Injeel with him which are inline with all rullings of infallibles (عليه السلام) which they have inherited from prophet  Muhammad (pbu) through written  book of Jamia by Imam  Ali(عليه السلام) from all sayings & Sirah of prophet  Muhammad (pbu) & Mus'hif Fatima (sa) which contains  all rullings of previous divine books before holy Quran .


It is narrated from Imam al-Sadiq (a):

"By Allah, the Mushaf of Fatima is with us, and there is not a single verse of the Qur'an in it."[17]

Also in another narration:

"That (Mushaf of Fatima) is three times bigger than this book of yours (the Qur'an). By Allah, not a single word of your mushaf (the Qur'an) is in it."[18]

In addition to the Imams, Shi'a scholars have unanimously announced that:

"This book is believed by all the Shi'a to be different form the holy Qur'an, and is not regarded as a second Qur'an beside it."[19]



As reported by many hadiths, the Mushaf of Fatima (a) has been an inheritance of the Shi'a Imams, and they would deliver it to the following Imam by the end of their lives. In some narrations, the possession of the Mushaf is regarded as an indication of Imamate. It is, therefore, a collection of Divine reports, revealed to the Lady Fatima (a) by a Divine angel, and transcribed by Imam Ali (a), and after him was kept with the Shi'a Imams, and now is with the Twelfth Imam (a).[12]

It is reported that a group of hadith transmitters were in the presence of Imam al-Sadiq (a), when one of them addressed the Imam and mentioned Abd Allah b. Hassan's claim about the imamate of Banu Hasan!" After a speech, Imam al-Sadiq (a) said, "I swear to Allah, (pointing to his chest with a hand) the secrets of prophethood, and the sword and armor of the Prophet (s) are with us, and with us is, I swear to Allah, the Mushaf of Fatima."[13]



Ahl al-Bayt (ع) used to maintain connection with the angels and adhere to the contents of Imam Ali’s book, the Jami’a which contained all judicial rulings, including the penalty for one slightly scratching someone else’s cheek. Their knowledge included the “science of Jafr” which contains branches of knowledge relevant to what is permissible in Islam and what is not needed by people of all times till the Judgment Day.



 As for al-Jami’a , it is a collection of writings by the Commander of the Faithful Ali (ع) who held them so precious, he attached them to his sword, Thul-Fiqar. The contents of this Jami’a were recorded on animal’s skin and used to be inherited, as is the case with Fatima’s book, by the immediate family of the Prophet (ص), the Ahl al-Bayt (ع), who were subjected to untold trials and tribulations, persecution, imprisonment, poisoning, beheading and a host of injustices because of which these precious writings are now lost.


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What is the Mus’haf of Fatimah? Did the prophet and his household know about this book?


Abu Basir says that I asked: What is the book of Fatimah? He [Imam Sadiq (as)] replied: It is a book three times the Quran you possess today in length, by Allah it does not consist of one letter of the Quran you possess today! Abu Basir says that I commented: By Allah, this is complete knowledge. The Imam replied: This is also knowledge, but not complete knowledge."
Did the prophet and his companions know about the Quran of Fatimah and its content?



The Mus’haf of Fatimah

Any written content that is compiled between two covers is called a Mus’haf. Therefore every book can be called a Mus’haf. During the advent of Islam, the Quran was also called ‘The Mus’haf’.[1]

There are certain books mentioned in Islamic sources that are exclusively for the infallibles and that only they were informed of their content, like the Book of Ali and the Mus’haf of Fatimah.



It is mentioned in authentic ahadith that during the period after the prophet's demise until the martyrdom of Lady Fatimah, an angel would descend upon the prophet's daughter and express his condolences so that she would be calmed. This angel, that has been known to be Gabriel in some ahadith,[3] informed Lady Fatimah of her father's status in Barzakh and of the following incidents that would take place. In a hadith by Imam Sadiq, he says:

"When the prophet of Allah passed away, Fatimah was in such grief and sorrow that no one but Allah could understand how sad and heart-broken she was. Therefore Allah sent an angel to console her and relieve her from her grief. Fatimah informed Imam Ali about this matter and the Imam wrote all of what the angel had told Lady Fatimah resulting in the collection of the Mus’haf of Fatimah."[4]

It is understood from this hadith and other ahadith that this Mus’haf was collected by Imam Ali and after the demise of the prophet, and that it is comprised of the words communicated to Lady Fatimah by the holy angel. 



The content of the Mus’haf


When examining the ahadith, we find that the following issues are mentioned in this holy book:

1- Future prophecies[7]

2- The will of Lady Fatimah[8]

3- The name of all individuals that will rule until the Day of Judgment[9]

4- Future events regarding her offspring[10]

5- An outline of the prophet's life and his status after his demise that was communicated to Lady Fatimah.[11]



The Imams’ emphasis on the otherness between this Mus’haf and the Quran


It is understood from some ahadith that Sunnis were aware of this Mus’haf and assumed that, according to the teachings of the Ahlul-Bayt, Shias believe the Quran has been distorted and the missing verses are mentioned in this Mus’haf. Therefore the Imams have sharply negated the existence of any Quranic verses in this Mus’haf.[13] The Late Allameh Askari says: "Some Sunni writers accuse those who defend the Shia school of thought and say that they (Shias) have a different Quran named the Mus’haf of Fatimah; because the book of Fatimah is called a Mus’haf, and during the emerge of Islam some Muslims would also call the Quran the Mus’haf."[14] In a hadith by Imam Sadiq he insists: "By Allah, the Mus’haf of Fatimah is with us and not one verse of the Quran is mentioned in it."[15]



The Prophet's knowledge of the Mus’haf

Because according to most ahadith, this book was written after the time of the prophet, he has not mentioned anything regarding it, but this does not mean he was not aware of it. We believe that he was able to see the future by Allah's will. Even now, according to Quranic verses, he is watching and witnessing our deeds and what takes place. This book is exclusively for the Imams.

If we believe that a part of the Mus’haf was written by the prophet during his lifetime, as some ahadith have mentioned, then the prophet was definitely aware of it.

Moreover, the Mus’haf of Fatimah is not part of the Quran; therefore the prophet does not bear the responsibility of informing the Ummah of its content.


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