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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

A Simple Response to Habib Ali Al-Jifri

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The following clip has ~4.5 million view. In it, Habib Ali al-Jifri tells the story of an ayatollah who he met in London. The ayatollah asked him why he left the madhhab of his grandfathers and became a shafi3i. Habib Ali then recites his entire lineage all of whom are shuyookh and sayyids and then says he has a mutasil (connected) chain going all the way back to Imam al-Sadiq. He then asks the ayatollah who he takes from after Imam al-sadiq, to which the ayatollah responds al-Kadhim, then they go down to the line until they reach al-Mahdi. Then after that come the representatives during al ghaybah al sughra. Then Habib asks him were any of these representatives from the Ahlul bayt? That's the gotcha.




Here's a simple response: "okay, great. Please present to me the hadith books that your tariqah has recorded of Imam jaffer al-sadiq." Then wait for the crickets.

You see, if this lineage were truly students of the Imams, they would have recorded their ahaadith, studied them, and taught them to their students in at least the same manner as the students of Malik, Abu Hanifah, and al-Shafi3i have done. When we look at Imams Baqir and al-Sadiq and ask "where are the records of their teachings?" you have none other than the rawaafidh to look to. Given that there is not even another school to even contest the claim with an entirely alternate set of hadiths which point to different teachings, the claim that Habib Ali's lineage are the "true" students of the imams is completely baseless. 

Lastly, for every 1 sunni sayyid with a mutassil line of teachers and students all from the ahlul bayt, there are probably 10 shia sayyids. This means according to his own criterion, the shia have a greater claim to Imams Baqir and al-Sadiq. 

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