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In the Name of God بسم الله

Atheism Refuted For Eternity By Imam Ja'far Al-Saadiq (a)

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There's an interesting debate of our Master Imam As Saadiq (a) with an atheist in which the Imam (a) destroyed and refuted atheism for eternity just in this single conversation. Checkout page no. 198 in the link below and what I'd recommend is, read it entirely in one sitting for some better insights. 


I'll just post a very small extract from that lengthy conversation which shall suffice as a proof for my claim above,

(The atheist was time and again emphasizing, since i can't realise God with my sensory perceptions, i won't acknowledge his existence)

(Also, this is actually a letter which Imam (a) wrote to one of his loyal companion called Mufazzal bin Amr)

Imam (a) said,

From his (atheist's) claim is that the world did not cease to be nor would it cease, (like a) tree growing and another one falling, a soul is born and another one is destroyed, and he claimed that I (a) am claiming the recognition of Allah the Exalted, a claim having not proof for me upon it, nor is there any argument for me regarding it, and that, that is a matter I have taken it as a latter one from the first, and the young from the old, and that the things are different, combined, and esoteric, and exoteric.

But rather, these are recognised by the five senses – looking of the eyes, hearing of the ears, and smelling of the nose, and taste of the mouth, and touch of the limbs. Then he guided his talk upon the origin which he placed, so he said, 

‘Nothing has occurred from my senses upon a Creator leading to my heart’, denying Allah the Exalted.

Then he (the atheist) said, ‘Inform me! By what do you (a) argue regarding the recognition of your Lord which you (a) describe as being His Power and His Lordship, and rather the heart recognises the things, all of them by the evidence of the five (senses) which I described to you?’

I (a) said: ‘With the intellect which is in my heart, and the evidence which I argue with in my understanding’. 

He (the atheist) said, ‘How can it happen, what you are saying, and you know that the heart does not recognise things without the five senses? Can you witness your Lord with sight, or hear His Voice with ears, or smell a gentle breeze, or taste Him with mouth, or touch by hand, so where it that recognition to your heart?’

I (a) said: ‘What is your view, when you denied Allah and rejected Him because you claim that you cannot feel him by your senses by which you recognise the things, and I (a) accept that I am with it, it is not inevitable that one of us would happen to be true and the other one a liar?’ 

He said, ‘No’.

I (a) said, ‘What is your view if the (conclusive) word was your word, would there be any fear upon me from what I frighten you with from the Punishment of Allah?’ 

He said, ‘No’.

I (a) said, ‘What is your view if it was just as I am saying, and the Truth is in my hands, wouldn’t you have taken regarding what I am warning of the Punishment of the Creator with firmness, and you have fallen, due to your rejection and your denial, into the destruction?’ 

He said, ‘Yes’.

I said, ‘Which one of us is foremost with the firmness and closer to the salvation?’ 

He said, ‘You (a) are, except that you, from your matter, are upon a claim and doubt, while I am upon certainty and assurance because I cannot see my five senses realising Him, and whatever my senses do not realise, so as far as I am concerned, he isn’t with an existence’.

I (a) said: ‘It is such that when your senses are frustrated from realising Allah, you deny Him, and I (a), when my senses are frustrated from realising Allah the Exalted, I (actually) ratify Him’.

He said, ‘And how is that?’ 

I (a) said: ‘Because all things in which there is an effect, flows upon a synthesis of a body, or a sight falls upon the colour, so whatever the sights realise and the senses attain, then it is other than Allah, Glorious is He, because the creation does not resemble Him; and that this creation transforms with change and decline, and everything thing resembling it, changing and declining, so it is similar to it, and the creation is not like the Creator, nor is the caused like the Causer.

He said, ‘This is to say, but I am a denier of whatever my senses do not realise and lead it to my heart. For what shall I adhere with these words and necessitate this argument?’

I (a) said: ‘But, when you are refusing only to adhere with the ignorance, and you are making the confusion to be an argument, so you have entered into the like of what you refuse, and compiled with what you disliked where you said, ‘I choose the medicines for myself because everything which my senses do not realise, with me it is nothing’’.

He (the atheist) said, ‘And how is that?’ 

(Here comes the interesting part)

I (a) said, ‘Because you committed upon the claim (that there is no Creator) and entered into it, and claimed a matter no news has come with it and no knowledge has transmitted it, so how can you make for yourself the claim in your denial of Allah, and your pushing away the signs of the Prophet-hood and the clear arguments, and refuse these upon me?

I (a) asked, Tell me, have you encompassed with all the areas and reached their end points?’ 

He said, ‘No’. 

I (a) said: ‘Have you risen to the sky which you see? Or descended to the lower ground and been to its horizons? Or have you dived into the depths of the oceans and pierced the areas of the atmosphere in what is a void in the sky and below it to the earth, and what is lower than that, and found that to be empty from an Arranger, Wise, Knower, Seer?’ 

He said, ‘No’.

I (a) said: ‘So what would make you know that perhaps that which your heart is denying, He is in a place which your senses have not realised, and your knowledge has not covered?’ 

He said, ‘I don’t know, maybe in some of what you (a) mentioned, there is an Arranger, and I don’t know maybe there isn’t anything in any of that!’

I (a) said: ‘But, since you came out from a limit of the denial to a status of doubt, then I hope that you will come out to the recognition’. 

He said, ‘But rather, the doubt entered upon me due to your (a) questioning me of what my knowledge has not covered, but from where will the certainty enter upon me with what my senses do not realise?’ 

I (a) said: ‘From the direction of this herb of yours’.

(Please explore the PDF for the entire debate)

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