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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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The SECRET Plan to Spread LGBT to the Muslim World

From the comments section

I live in a Muslim conservative country in Africa. One day, a few students from disadvantaged families (poor or orphans) were selected for a completely free, 2 and a half years long program that teaches English, and the program was sponsored by the US embassy. I was one of the students. We were all teenagers. Our teacher was a Muslim and he was completely chill. But occasionally, we had guests and speakers from overseas who came and talked to us. Me and a friend from the program discussed recently, as adults, how they tried to brain wash us and change our view of what's morally acceptable. Notably, one lady once came from the US, introduced herself and explained to us the concept of "identity". She wrote on the board how your identity consists of your age, your nationality, your gender, religion and sexuality. To tone things down probably, the lady was a Straight, cis, Christian. I don't think that's a random choice. They knew we see Christians as a bit closer to us than let's say an atheist. We study all our lives that Christians are a bit like us in some points... And it was the first time in my life someone told me my sexuality was not only a choice apparently, but also a component of my identity, at the same level as my nationality or my religion. The worst thing, is that lady probably saw herself as our white knight who'd save us from our bigoted upbringing. She smiled at us and said something like "here (in the school), you are completely free to express yourself and your identity". So yeah, I think it was on purpose. Taking teens who are still finding their identity and morals, from disadvantaged families and with hard lives, kindly giving them free lessons and a perfect illusion of freedom and indoctrinating them in the process... How kind of the US.



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Yeah, there's definitely something very sus about this LGBTQIA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ movement. 

They're brainwashing children to believe that there are not only two genders, no, but many, many genders. 

I heard that even in the Australian state of Victoria, there are like 36 different genders other than male and female!

Us Muslims need to be firm in our beliefs. These LGBTQIA+++++++++++++++ activists say: "Everyone deserves free speech," then they literally take away our right to say anything about them. But don't worry, everyone deserves free speech.

This double-standardness always drives me crazy. Anyone can say bad things about a Muslim; 

"You're a terrorist," "You follow the devil," "You're part of ISIS," "You're all extremists..."

But let alone speak badly, we can barely even speak of the LGBTQIA++++++++++++++++ community. 

If someone calls a Muslim a terrorist, they're 'Islamophobic', right? Not so bad. No one (other than Muslims) really cares if you're Islamophobic.

But if you say something about a homosexual person, and then you're labelled as someone who is homophobic, suddenly the whole world jumps on you like how birds jump on food.

There has to be a major reform of today's society, especially when it comes to this particular issue. 

For example, my school is one that supports LGBTQIA++++++++++++++++++ students. But they have a whole club for it, they mention it everywhere, there are posters in the yard, at one point they even had a flag, it's like what, is the whole school LGBT+++++++++ or something?

Insha'Allah one day when al-Qa'im (عجّل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف) comes, he'll eradicate all this nonsense.


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Im so worried about this, some girls in the place where I live are dressing and talking like men, same thing for men. I can’t recognize who is male or female. 

My brother is 14 years old and he knows about these too. 

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