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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Advice for making up missed prayers

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Salamu 3alaykum,


Let's say you have to travel 10 miles on foot, how would you approach this? Would you sprint as hard and as fast as you could to the finish line? Of course not, you would burn out and quit before you make it 100 yards. What is more logical? To walk. Slowly, steadily. We humans are not the fastest land-creature, but we are able to hunt down every animal because we were built for STEADY endurance. 

When I would do these prayers I used to blitz through them. I'd say recite as fast as I can, I'd get up and down at lightning speed, I'd complete an entire day's worth of salah in 10 minutes. But I could not maintain this, I would burn out and get tired. I'd do a day or two (max), then quit for a week.

Now I do them steadily and calmly. I treat it like working out: I do something light, then rest between sets. If I get 2 prayers in 2 hours, I consider that a success. I now think of it as a marathon, not a race.

You also have the option of doing your prayers separately. You could do all your fajirs in a row. However, you can only do asr AFTER dhuhr, and you must do isha AFTER maghreb. So you couldn't make up all your asrs and say "great I got those done!" I printed a calendar of the period I've missed and when I do the fajir I put a slash, when I do the dhuhr/asr set I put another slash giving me an "X", then when I do the maghreb/isha prayers I put a line through the "X."

I hope some of this was useful, and I would appreciate advice you've found on making up missed prayers.

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This is really helpful.  Yes, prayer is not about "getting it done".  It is about taking time.

As a Follower of Jesus, I see prayer as spending time with a friend.  My neighbour just knocked at the door.  Did I send him away as quickly as possible?  No, we stood together and talked for half an hour.  We shared life experences and challenging thoughts.  I asked his opinion and shared mine.

Prayer too, is time with a friend; an opportunity during the day to rest and be still in God's presence, allowing his Spirit to speak to my heart with words of comfort, challenge or guidence.

I know, unlike my neighbour, when I say 'Amen' ('good bye' if you like!!) God doesn't leave me.  He continues to journey with me on the marathon of life.  My next prayer encouter with him will again be rich and deep.  An ever growing, ever deepening relationship with my Lord who is my shepherd, my ever present help in time of trouble, and my rock and fortress when I am afraid.

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