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In the Name of God بسم الله

Was Islam being promoted and more accepted in 2010s?

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It seemed in the 2010s during the Obama adminstration that Islam was being more widely accepted and promoted by films, television, media ect and even in popular culture, alot of people became more aware and started learning even getting intrest in islam. Was it because of TV Shows like Etrugul and movies like the Liasion abut and ottoman general, also school curriculemstarted teaching it. what do you all think?

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i think as evil spreads, islam will too ironically.

as impure acts become more and more mainstream, to the point where muslims welcome and encourage people of such vile personalities, at the same time the non-muslims will grow disgusted and gravitate to islam

history swings between the extremes

we are approaching the extreme of post-modernism filth, its high time it swings the other direction and so islam will only grow faster as time goes on

has nothing to do with US administration and a few movies.

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On 10/7/2021 at 11:46 PM, Lion of Shia said:

Was it because of TV Shows like Etrugul and movies like the Liasion abut and ottoman general, also school curriculemstarted teaching it. what do you all think?

Salam nevertheless Etrugal series is just product of muslim conutry it just has showed a  distorted definition of Islam by cooperation of Turkey & Netflix according to support of America & Israel from neo Ottomans as new alternative of Wahabism of KSA & rival of revoutionary Iran which  since Safavid era , the Ottomans have been staunch enemies of Shia Islam & Muslims which they use dream of  repeating  achievements of Ottomans in Europe & reconquering Quds/Jerusalem as main attractive idea besides of hidden anti Shia & anti Iran agenda of such movies & series for absoring Sunni community & Azeri/Turkish from new converts & young generation as fans of neo ottomans under guise f Islamic theme of such movies & series for making an excsuse for supporting Turkey from radical anti shia groups likewise remnant of ISIS/Daesh & Al-Nusra & etc & supporting  false claims of Turkey & Azerbaijan for forming great Turkistan & stealing lands from Iran & rest of axis of resistance in name of returning to glory of Ottoman era by making series likewise Etrugul & etc by support of Zionist backe media  likewise Netflix & etc which according to fans of the Etruul you can see a direct relation of it's fans with anti Shia approach which countries likewise Pakistan which is a safeheaven for anti shia groups has most fans of it 


UPDATED] Diriliş: Ertuğrul Country Wise Viewership / Turkish Drama Series  Ertugrul Ghazi Popularity - YouTube


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