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In the Name of God بسم الله

Arabic to English translation anybody?

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Wa alakum as-salaam,

The video is not in Arabic, it's in Urdu I believe. However, it seems to talk about the permissibility of saying "Ashadu anna 'Aliyyan waliyyullah" in the tashahud. In minute 1:05 it does say in Arabic:

Question: A woman used to say for years in her prayers during the tashahud: "Ahshadu an la ilaha ilallah, wa ashadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah, wa 'Aliyyan waliyyullah", so what's the ruling regarding her prayers ?

Answer: If [she used to say this] out of inculpable ignorance, she doesn't need to repeat them; but if it was out of culpable ignorance, she has to repeat the prayers based on obligatory precaution.

So it seems it's not allowed to say it, according to Sayyid al-Sistani. By the way, inculpable ignorance is when someone has a valid excuse for not knowing.

Someone please correct me if I translated that part wrong.

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