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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Is becoming arabized cultural appropriation? (this questions is for arabs)

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I've read about people becoming arabized when they convert to Islam and assimilating into arab culture and taking arab names. I've heard some people even Identify as arab just because the adopted the language. Is it cultural appropriation witch I define as the stealing of someones cultural practices without the consent of the people who belong to that culture. I do not consider assimilating and adopting practices with the consent of the original people appropriation or a negative thing If arabs choose to accept and adopt people into there culture thats perfectly fine. Not all arabs are genetically the same some look like white people to me maybe there ancestors where arabized a long time ago but are now considered arab. I don't feel that I fully belong to anyone because I'm mixed race and a convert to Islam I feel like an outsider sometimes. I get called racial slurs for mixed people even though I look mostly white and some times even for middle eastern people because I converted. I'd like to have a people something I've never had. I'm alone and would appreciate greatly to be aloud to integrate. my identity is now primarily that I'm general muslim but I don't have a community to fully belong to and want one.

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2 minutes ago, Dubilex said:

This is something that bothers me too. In Pakistan especially, ever since the reign of Zia Al-Huq, they have gone hardcore in trying to arabize. Many muslims seem to equate Islam with arab culture, when in fact, they are 2 separate things

Oh I understand that they are separate things I still would like to do it If it's not a problem for most people.

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The problem is that many people confuse culture with religion, and only if you're arabized are you considered the right "flavor" of Islam. It's pathetic actually. Especially when converts change their name because some stubborn dude said you white name isn't "Muslim" (arab) enough. All Muslim countries have arabized themselves one way or another without even considering the Quran. So I'd say that "arabization" is encouraged. No is ethnically arab except for the ones in the gulf and then uae, who are genetically arab. All other arab speaking countries have adopted the arabic language and culture. That should give you a sense of how culture has mixed with religion. Unfortunately.

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