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In the Name of God بسم الله

Need contact with moderator or site owner

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How can I contact a moderator or site owner?

If my inquiries are still to be ignored then please ban my account. For several weeks all my inquiries have been ignored.

Just remember the way you treat your muslim brother in faith. And I hope noone treats you the same.

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If your access to private messaging has been restricted, you can leave a comment on the profile of any moderator or administrator. The comment might not be visible to you, but it will be visible to them. Please do not spam. 

In your particular case, though, your violation has already been explained to you. The moderation team collectively made a decision based on site rules and your actions. Your unhappiness with the consequences of your violation does not change that. 

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4 hours ago, lissenma said:

I have no access to PM. I don't know why.

Since April 28 you have not posted anything at ShiaChat that could be considered discussion. We are a discussion board. Please post anything normal that you wish and Mods will read it and approve it. The privilege of PM is only extended to members in good standing. A member who has become a nuisance to the point of having their PM removed will no longer enjoy the benefit of private messages. 

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