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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Tips on lowering gaze

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Any advice on how to be better at lowering the gaze if you are forced into an environment where people are not dressed well example, school or office. Its hard not to look it feels like instinct. 

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It's hard in the beginning but if you keep doing it it will get easier. At this point looking at a woman is more difficult than not looking at her, when in the beginning it was extremely difficult to not look. Also you have to be consistent, you can't not ogle at women irl but look at them online. And this even includes what's going on in your thoughts, you can't look at them even on that level.

Eventually you will iA get so good at this that you can zone them out while looking right at them.

Then you will change the way you look at the world. In the past I used to focus on wherever my eyes fell, now I'm looking at my environment without really zoning in on anything unless I deliberately decide to. I imagine this is how herbivores see the world, because it's made me more aware of my surroundings since I'm looking at the "view" as a whole instead of singling out one particular thing. Test it out with this image. Try looking at one single thing, then try looking at the picture as a whole. Imagine that the toy car is a haram sight. You'll notice that when you look at the image as a whole, even though your eyes are registering the toy car, it is ignored by your conscious so it won't give you much trouble as you go about life.




When I'm walking down a hallway or in a crowd, this is what I do to not look at women and also not bump into things. I find it very difficult to avoid looking at something by zoning in on something else.


Please ask me to elaborate if I don't make sense.


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I am not a man but maybe these tips can help you:

- how do you feel if a man gazes at your mother/sister/wife?

- men who gaze at women are considered very disgusting by women. Do you like to be considered a disgusting creature?

- Once a great scholar said something according to which those gazing at nonmahrams (and those who use foul language) wont experience spiritual joys. 

- respect yourself. Dont provide haram inputs to your body (that includes watching sinful scenes or even reading impolite comments of others).

- if your friends show this bad behaviour, break off your relations with them.

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