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In the Name of God بسم الله

Martyrs of Kerbela from Kufa

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The Brief notes on Martyrs are given below:

1-   They were martyred in Kufa before the event of Kerbela, OR

2-   They were martyred with Imam Husain AS in Kerbela (but belonging to Kufa) and they remained loyal to Imam Hussain (عليه السلام).

Sr. No.

Name of Martyr

Name in Arabic


Aaiz bin Majma’al Aazi

عائذ بن مجمّع العائذی

Came with Hur Ibne Yazid-e-Riyahi to join imam


Abdullah bin Muslim bin Aqeel

عبداللہ بن مسلم بن عقیل

Son of Muslim bin Aqeel, martyred at kufa


Hani bin Orwah

ہانی بن عروہ

Martyred at Kufa with Muslim Ibne Aqeel


Hur Ibne Yazid ar Riyahi

حر ابن یزید الریاحی

Famous warrior of Ibne Ziyad army from kufa, Obstructed Imam Hussain’s way but joined Imam army at kerbela


Muhammad bin Muslim bin Aqeel

محمد بن مسلم بن عقیل

Son of Muslim bin Aqeel, martyred at kufa


Muslim bin Aqeel

مسلم بن عقیل

The Deputy of the Holy Imam to Kufa, where he was martyred


Sa’ad (both sons of Hur ibne yazid Riyahi)

سعد (بن حر ابن یزید الریاحی )

From kufa,  Joined imam Hussain army at kerbela,


Abd Allah b. ‘Umayr

عبداللہ بن عمیر

Noble businessperson from Kufa


Aabis Ibne Abi Shabeeb-e-Shakiri

عابس ابن شبیب الشاکری

Noblemen of Kufa who helped Muslim bin Aqeel, martyred at Kerbela


         Abdul A’la bin Yazeed al-Kalbi                 al Aleemi

عبدالاعلی بن یزید الکلبی العلیمی

Respected nobleman from Kufa.


Abdul Rahman and Abdullah sons of Orawah bin Harraq al-Ghaffari

عبد الرحمن و عبداللہ

 (بن عروہ بن حرا ق الغفاری)

Two brothers were the noblemen of Kufa


Abdul Rahman bin Mas’ood                          at Taimi

عبد الرحمن بن مسعود التیمی

Came from kufa with Ibne Sa’ad but joined the imam and got martyrdom


Abdullah bin Bushr Khash’ami

عبداللہ بن بشر خشعمی

Noble personality in Kufa, Came from kufa with Ibne Sa’ad but joined the imam and got martyrdom


Abu al-Sha’sha’ al-Kindi

ابو الشعشع الکندی

Came with kufans but joined the imam and got martyrdom


Abu Thamama Sa’idi. 

ابوثمامه صائدی

Companion of Imam Ali, joined imam Hussain


Burayr b. Khuzayr. 

بریر بن خضیر

A quran reciter in Mosque of Kufa


Habab b. Amir

حباب بن عامر

From kufa, joined imam Hussain during his journey to iraq


Habib b. al-Muzahir

حبیب بن المظاہر

A prophet companion, got the oath from people in kufa on behalf of imam Hussain


Habla b. Ali. 

حبلہ بن علی

Brave man from Kufa, joined Muslim bin Aqeel earlier at his arrival


Hajjai bin Masrooq al-Jaufi

حجاج بن مسروق الجعفی

A companion of Imam Ali, in kufa


Hajjaji bin Badr as S’di

حجاج بن بدرا لسعدی

Famous nobleman in Kufa


Hulas b. Umro. 

حلاس بن عمرو 

A companion of Imam Ali, came with Ibne sa’ad but joined Imam Hussain army and got martyrdom


Jabib Ibne Hajjaj al-Taimi

جبیب ابن حجاج التیمی

Follower of Muslim-bin-Aqeel in Kufa, joined Holy Imam and got martyred


Jundab b. Hajir Kindi. 

جندب بن حجیر کندی

Companion of Imam Ali, joined Imam Husain


Juwayn b. Malik

جوین بن مالک

Came with Umar b Sa’d’s but joined imam Hussain camp and got martyred


Kanana b. ‘Atiq

کنانہ بن عتیق

Resident of Kufa, joined imam army at kerbela


Mas’ood bin Hajjaj Taimy

مسعود بن حجاج تیمی

The devotee of Amirul-Momineen from Kufa


Mauq bin Thamamah Asadi

Saidavi Abu Musa

موق بن ثمامہ اسدی صیدوی ابو موسی

Devotee of the Ahlul-Bait in Kufa, came out of town at night and joined imam at Kerbela


Muslim bin Katheer al-A’waj


مسلم بن کثیر العوج الازدی

A devotee of Imam Ali  in Kufa


Nafe bin Hilale Jamali

نافع بن ھلال جملی

Companion of Imam Ali, noble personality in Kufa, escaped from town to join imam at Kerbela


Na’im b. Ajlan

نعیم بن عجلان

Came from Kufa on the day of ‘Ashura and got martyred


Omer bin Zabi’ah Az Zabiyee

عمر بن ضبیعة الضبی 

Came from  Kufa with Ibne Sa’d but joined Imam army and got martyred


Qais bin Mushir as Saidavi

قیس بن مسهّرالصیداوی

A faithful companion of the Holy Prophet, reported to imam and got martyred


Qasim bin Habib al-Azdi

قاسم بن حبیب الازدی

A well known noble of Kufa


Qasith, Kardoos, Musqit

-Sons of Zohair al-Taghlabi

قاسط، کردوس، مقسط

(بن زہیر التغلبی)

Three brothers, devoted companions of imam Ali, came from kufa, got martyred


Rafi’ b. ‘Abd Allah

رافع بن عبداللہ

He came to karbala from Kufa


Saif bin Hars Al-Jabiri and Malik

سیف بن حرث الجبیری و مالک

Two cousins from Kufa, joined the Holy Imam and got martyred


Salim b. Umro the liberated slave of Bani Madinatul Kalbi:

سالم (غلام بنی مدینۃ الکلبی)

A devotee of Imam Ali in Kufa.




A resident of Kufa. He accompanied Yazid b. Thabit to Karbala


Sa’d bin Hars and Abul Hatoof bin Harse Ansari

سعد بن حرث و ابوالحتوف بن حرث انصاری

Twin brothers had come from Kufa with opponent army but joined imam army and got martyred


Sayeed bin Abdullah Hanafi:

سعید بن عبداللہ حنفی

A noble, brave and very influential one in Kufa, the gentleman who carried Muslim’s letter from Kufa to Hussain, remained with imam and got martyred



شعیب شاکری

Well-known in Kufa for his nobility and courage, a veteran of the twon


Shudhab b. ‘Abd Allah

شوزب بن عبداللہ

Keeper of the traditions of Imam Ali, came from Kufa and joined Imam at Mecca.


Umayya b. Sa’d

امیہ بن سعد

A companion of Imam Ali from Kufa, joined Imam Husain at Kerbela


Zahir b. Salim

ظاہر بن سالم

Came with Umar b Sa’d’s but joined imam Hussain camp and got martyred


Zarghamah bin Malik-e-Taghlabi

ضرغامة بن مالک تغلبی

A lion-hearted brave gentleman, faithful to Muslim bin Aqeel in Kufa, After Muslim’s martyrdom, joined the Holy Imam and was martyred


Zohair al Qaine Bijilly

زہیر القین البجلی

In the beginning he was attached to the 3rd Kalif Othman. Once returning from Hajj, he met the Holy Imam and became a staunch devotee of imam Hussain. He joined the Holy Imam and got martyred

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