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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

No moisture left during wudhu

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I was reading these rulings of Sayyid al-Sistani:

Ruling 256. If for the purposes of wiping no moisture is left on the hand, one cannot wet his hands with additional water; rather, one must take moisture from his beard and perform the wiping with that. Taking moisture from anything other than one’s beard and wiping with it is problematic [i.e. based on obligatory precaution, such a wiping does not suffice].

Ruling 257. If the moisture on one’s hand is only sufficient for wiping his head, the obligatory precaution is that he must wipe his head with that moisture, and for the wiping of his feet he must take moisture from his beard.

So what he's saying is basically that if your hand becomes dry after wiping the head and your hand has no moisture left in order for you to wipe your feet, then you can take some moisture from your beard. And only from your beard, meaning that you can't wet your hand with anything else.

The question arises: what if I don't have a beard ? What am I supposed to do ? Imagine if I wiped my head but then my hand becomes dry/doesn't have enough moisture. How am I suppposed to wipe my feet ?


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8 hours ago, Mohamad Abdel-Hamid said:

And only from your beard, meaning that you can't wet your hand with anything else.



The principle in wiping the feet for ablution is to do it with the remaining moisture in the palm of the hand, whether with the fingers or with the palm of the hand.
In any case, the great authorities of Taqlid say in this regard:
If the moisture of the palm is only enough to wipe the head, he can [1] wipe the head with the same moisture and take ablution moisture from other limbs to wipe the feet. [2]
[1]. Great Marjas  Golpayegani, Safi, Behjat, Sistani Shubiri Zanjani: (It is an obligatory precaution that he can ..)
[2]. Ayatollah Behjat: (And according to the obligatory precaution, he should first get help from the hair of beard and eyebrows and if there is no water in them, he should get moisture from his hands); great Marjas Khoei, Tabrizi, Shubiri Zanjani, Sistani, Khamenei: (To wipe the feet, he takes moisture from beard)



https://translate.google.com/?sl=fa&tl=en&text=اصل در مسح پا برای وضو، آن است که با رطوبت باقی مانده در کف دست انجام شود، حال چه با انگشتان و چه با قسمت گودی کف دست صورت گیرد. در هر حال، مراجع عظام تقلید در این باره می‌گویند%3A اگر رطوبت کف دست فقط به اندازۀ مسح سر باشد، مى‌تواند[1] سر را با همان رطوبت مسح کند و براى مسح پاها از اعضای دیگر وضو رطوبت بگیرد.[2] [1]. آیات عظام گلپایگانى، صافى، بهجت، سیستانى شبیری زنجانى%3A (احتیاط واجب آن است که می‌تواند ..) [2]. آیت الله بهجت%3A ( و بنا بر احتیاط واجب باید اوّل از ترى موى ریش و ابرو کمک بگیرد و اگر در آنها ترى نبود از دستها رطوبت بگیرد)؛ آیات عظام خوئى، تبریزى، شبیری زنجانى، سیستانى، خامنه‌ای%3A (براى مسح پاها از ریش خود رطوبت بگیرد)&op=translate


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