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In the Name of God بسم الله


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I’m a Shia but I recommend that you don’t read Al-Kafi. The book has many weak hadiths and if you read it, you wouldn’t know which Hadith is Sahih and which is Da’eef. Rather read Mir’at al Uqool by Al Majlisi, it has all the Hadiths in Al-Kafi with the grading which is way better

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I have to books of Al-Kafi, one on intelligence and one on God's Oneness. They've been incredibly enlightening for me. I try to remind myself that the words I'm reading might not have come out of the Imam's (a) mouth, but only time I think we should be extra vigilant is in regards of hadiths that have a consequence in our religious practice (so matters of sharia). 

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