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Restaurant Owners' Advice needed

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Miss Wonderful

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The best is Oxygen Orange, especially if you have grease film on walls and wood and such.

Then Spic-n-Span does the next best job. There is spray for refrigerator parts and grills and powder for floors with a very stiff broom or scrub brush.

Dawn is used in machine shops as it does best on those greases and films.

Since you will use chlorine for stainless steel surfaces to sterilize, be sure to wipe that residue off with water and a little Dawn.

Don't forget the can openers. These are potentially a real health hazard even when compared to sinks.

Other Qs? l might remember something.

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16 minutes ago, Miss Wonderful said:

@hasanhh I read to avoid chlorine on any stainless steel surfaces :ko: 

Correct. That is why you use diluted bleach in a bucket of water then wipe it off with a wrung-out wash rag that has soapy water as a rinse (food grade soap/dish washing liquid).

l'II give you an example about chlorine. About 35 years ago, l had these two small tubs of swimming pool chlorines. Un-opened, to protect them l put them in a worn-out refrigerator's freezer compartment. l had tools and chemicals in the refrigerated area. So about 3-4 years later, my sister opened the freezer compartment, made an exclamation and l went to see. Never opened, the tubs still leaked enough chlorine to turn the steel tubing into a crumbling, rusty mess.

So, only use chlorine on floors, counter tops, can openers, grinders and other (exposed) food handling equipment and then wash all the chlorine off.

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