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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Nose job (cosmetic surgery)

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I've been wanting a nose job for almost 10 years now and I feel like I have reached the age to finally take the big step and do it (21y). The reason I want to get a nose job is because my nose is crooked, it has a bump and the tip also droops. The nose also slightly turns to the right, so it's not very straight. I've hated my nose for a long time and I always try to cover it up with my hand, even when i'm laughing. I feel like a nose job is the only thing that will give me peace of mind. If it was something that only bothered me, I would not think about having a surgery, because then I would have a lot of surgeries lol. But I wish my nose only bothered me, I just hate it really really bad. It's kind of messing with me mentally for years now tbh. But before I want to take the big step, I want to confirm if it's not haram. I know sunnis think it's haram, but I don't really know what shiism says about cosmetic surgeries. I've read somewhere that sistani allows it. But still, it feels like im changing something Allah has blessed me with, but at the same time, my nose is really affecting me so much that I don't take it in consideration sometimes, but then doubts will come in to my mind, and I don't want to be punished for this. It's really the only reason why I have not went for surgery yet.

Can someone please help me out?

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Cosmetic surgery is permitted, but keep in mind that you're probably perfectly fine in appearance and only you notice the irregularity. Cosmetic surgery will not solve all your problems, and it carries with it a risk of permanent damage or even possibly death. 

However, the odds of injury or death are small. Do your research to choose a reputable surgeon before proceeding. 

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I wouldnt advise to get into cosmetic surgery for fun. but if it has a medical reason in it then i would say go for it. sometimes yes, life sucks and causes lots people to be born with crooked face,crooked jaw or nose (really common) or even limbs. In my honest opinion i see such surgeries more as part of medical surgery instead of plastic (cosmetic) surgery. 

everyone has a different nose shape and we live in such times that lots people are starting to feel insecure for their own appearance to me thats really unnesseserally and i think such thinking can even be haram ( not Islamic scholar but its logical) everone is beautifull and made with perfection. if we go to crooked facial apperiance, or other crooked body parts like limbs etc. those things are often not how its supposed to be and could be caused by for example that the fetus/embryo growed up different (nothing wrong with it) whereby some parts of body (face is included) is different or not developed it can be genetic also it can be caused by some lack of vitamins during pregnancy and the last reason is just unknown. (this is maybe an extreme example but ofcource there are smaller examples too) for example I myself am born with small nasal passages that is causing me to breath abnormally or even give me struggles to breath. (from outside you cant see it but it is there, on the contrary there lots people where  you can see from the outside too) 

if you mean by crooked nose that the nasal septum is crooked and it caused you hard breathing than i would say go for the surgery. but if its those insecurities to change the shape of youre nose while nothing is wrong with it then i would say dont do it. (i know i have seen it has become a hype to get easily into cosmetic surgery and change also youre nose shape while there is no medical issue in it) still i wouldnt recommend it, everyone is beautiful and theses days people are copieng only 1 type of beauty and forget that everyone is unique beautifull. lets not forget that there are millions children born with disabilities on their face and most common is cleft lip, whereby the newborn struggles breathing and drinking milk from his own mom. and lot of them who dont have even money to get them a medical cosmetic surgery which can have a deadly cause.





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