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In the Name of God بسم الله

Do you know who Ali is?!


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Do you know who Ali is?!
Secrets of the universe are his
Paradise and hell he cleaves
At his arrival the enemy flees
The shallow religion he fought
The path to spiritual climax he taught
Beyond "qaba qawsayn ou adna" he appear
His light illuminates the angelic sphere
When the Prophet ascended Ali's voice was there
God holds Ali dear and draws his lovers near
Ali cried, "The one who asks learns,
The divine mysteries in my heart burns!"
Wisdom and knowledge from his words gushed
Love was taught passion from him and rushed
All darkness, devils and demons he fights
With "Ya Ali" God seals and destinies writes
Only a dead man who lacks sho'ur
Doesn't sense his hozoor
The dead become living by his noor
To establish Ghadir Mahdi makes zohoor
Over the entire universe he is the Imam
Over him and his family God sends His Salam!

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Mashallah brother, beautiful!

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