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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Do you need to belong to a sect to be a sufi?

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If I am not mistaken there is a Shia Sufi order in Iran. The Nimatollahi tariqa. Though it is relatively small and is not well liked by the clergy in Qom.
Apart from being a Marja, scholar of fiqh and leader of the revolution Imam Khomeini was also a mystic, though I don't think he ever called him self Sufi. So I think you can be a mystic without being a Sufi.
Being a Sufi without being Sunni or Shia I think is a little more tricky. Of cause there are Muslims who reject sectarianism. Some even call them selves SuShi Muslims. On a first glace that may seam sympathetic, however as a Muslim you must make up your mind what Aqeeda to follow and what Fiqh to follow. Most people is not learned enough to make their own so they will have to choose from the schools all ready in place. Those schools are affiliated with one of the sects. As far as I know all Sufi orders also make that choice.

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12 hours ago, musa shakr said:

There are both sunni and shia sufi orders in existance but is it necessary to belong to a sect to sufi. Can you be a sufi without being sunni or shia?

We can all be on the path of Sufi/Irfan no need to join any one.

There are no secret methods or practices just do your wajibats keep away from sin and practice tazkiyya and Zuhood the way the Prophet taught us. (Which can be easily demonstrated through Qur'an and hadith and Ahlulbayt teachings)


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