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In the Name of God بسم الله

Iranian-Israeli Mixture.

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Not all Shias hold the view you describe of Iran. I would suggest that quite a lot of Shias don't see Iran as such. Either way, tribalism is something that exists in all societies, communities and gro

Salam, Moalfas. Thank you for participating.   So, I'd like to specifically address this part of your answer which is again the narrative that Iran wants to push onto people so they support

Once again, you've missed the entire point. No one is telling you not to be political. No one is telling you not to engage in politics. Don't do dirty politics in the name of Shi'a Islam. In the name

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Some responses on this thread shows it's high time elementary logic begins to be taught in schools in the West.

Also there are some who become "Muslim" for aesthetics, but scratch the surface, and out comes the Orientalist on his civilizing mission!

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On 2/20/2021 at 4:14 PM, Laayla said:

Bismehe Ta3ala 

Assalam Alikum @AbdusSibtayn

The secondary education system is horrible in the US.

The exceptions are private schools, like catholic schools or if the school is in a wealthy district.

M3 Salamah, FE AMIN ALLAH 

Wa alaikis salaam, ukhti

I mean, the education system is not any better in the post-colonial Global South too, but my point was about critical thinking. It is absolutely horrifying to see how uncritically some Muslims in the West have internalized the modernist worldview and imperialist propaganda regarding their religion and traditional Muslim societies.

And then we wonder where the likes of Tarek Fatah, Ayan Hirsi Ali and Imam Tawhidi come from.

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Guest Open-Minded Shia
On 1/23/2021 at 1:49 PM, El Cid said:


No worries, I respect your opinion. But I'm not saying IR does not need to be enemies or needs to be enemies with XYZ. Iran can be an enemy to whomever it wants. Iran can be a friend to whomever it wants. My issue is the issue of misusing Shi'a Islam for It's political ambitions. My issue is the hijacking of Shi'a Islam for political reasons and ambitions. My issue is manipulating the Shi'a population and playing with their emotions to get them to support whatever political ambition the IR has where you tell them that this is what the Imams(عليه السلام) would've wanted. My issue is that you're declaring people as Non-Shi'as simply because of their political opinion which members of the IR are doing as if they are the ones who will be the Judges on the Day of Judgement instead of Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). If Iran wants to play it's political ambitions, it can do that all day. It can tell people Look we need to support Palestine because this is politically beneficial for us. It does not need to use the backdrop of Karbala and Shi'a hadith to do this. This is dishonesty and Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has warned us to not use religion for our own ends/gains.

And why do I take these issues? Because it affects me. It affects every Shi'a in the world. This is a globalist community, what happens on one side of the equator affects another person on the other side of the equator. As long as Iran keeps mixing Shi'a Islam with their political antics, the next time you tell someone I'm a Shi'a. They will only know what a Shi'a is through the actions of Iran no matter how just or evil they are. They will know what a Shi'a is by the slogans the IR chants. Just like when you tell a Sunni you are a Shi'a, the first image they get is people bloodying themselves in trance like tatbir rituals. Islam already has a bad enough reputation because of the Ahle-Sunnat and now you want to add another trial in the day to day lives of ordinary Shi'a who have nothing to do with anything. This is why we must be responsible and not let people play the same tactics the Bani-Ummayah played back in the day to add more burden to the lives of people.


Very deep emotions that resonate with mine, truth is bitter, but most will never even try to understand and get triggered just because they cannot handle the truth against something they constantly heard since childhood....


What an Irony, if one claims to be the Shia and true followers of Ahlulbait, then they shall accept truth even if it is from a worst enemy and against our own...


To add to your already excellent points regarding blindly following Iran simply because they hold the banner with the names of Ahlulbait while turning a blind eye to their bad actions and motives: 


Here is a really interesting example which even the blind followers do not know (although it is connected to Iran):






95 percent Iranians are so obsessed with Israel, USA and UK: If any incident happens they try their best to connect the dots to Israel by any means, like going through a labyrinth.


Iranians have been brainwashed to beleive that the only good cause that is pending (other than helping 12th Imam) is the cause of Palestine, and support and martyrdom towards Palestinian cause is so deep-rooted that it is even embedded in the curriculum and is on the same platform even during Ashura and Arbayeen when we need to forget worldly desires and motivations, the politico-scholars after reciting tragedy of karbala utter a sentence or a word regarding palastine, so this gets imprinted on the listeners and psychologically gains importance.


If you see the above links, it is just one example, regarding the condition of the Shia in Palestine. If one researches, they can see that the Shia there are in Taqiyyah, and hide identity.. the big question is Why?


Why even when 90 percent Iranians chant Palestine day and night, when the political leaders chant Palestine even during Ashura, and give monetary support to Palestine are the Shia in fear there?


The Palestinians will lynch Shias out of hatred if they know about the identity. Does Iran not know this even if it is general public knowledge? 


Iran knows, the leaders know, but they just have to pet the alligator even if it eats their own Shia, so that they can boast and show off on international platform by beating the drums by saying "look we have been chanting Palestine since decades, when no other muslim nation is supporting them, we will never give up, we are best friends, we are great, we need authority in region to subdue Israel for our own agendas"


If any shia or (scholars like Yasser Habeeb, ayatollahs like Bourjerdi) point finger at the materialistic motives of leaders, they immediately get branded as being M16 agents of West, agents of Zionist etc.


Another example where their main motives are materialistic and for money more than religious: with wars, it was like hot business and many politico-religious scholars jumped up and registered fake military units to get funds:






Alas, most of my fellow Shia get angry instead of accepting truth...


Iran if truly claims to be the follower of Oppressed Ahlulbait then they shall strive to support every oppressed with the same dedication that they show to Palestine. 


What about Bahrain, Yemen, Al Nimr, Zakzaky, shia killings like daily routine in Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia? does Iran does their best with a tweet or two condemning or can they show the same commitment like Palestine and boycott the enemy governments and trade? 


Rather they have good relations with all the above governments that are involved in Shia genocide and Shia oppression, one can research if they think this is a lie as there are 100s of examples that they selectively take which situation to define oppression based on materialistic and Political gains... 

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On 2/24/2021 at 4:28 AM, Laayla said:

@AbdusSibtayn  Ayan Hirsi, no longer identifies as a Muslim.  She left Islam.

First time I heard of Fatah, but Tawhidi is all about making money from non Muslims.  

Recently, Tawhidi has been away for three months from Twitter.  God knows what he is up to.


I am aware of Hirsi Ali's stance. My aim was to highlight the process that results in people like her.

Tarek Fatah is a Canadian-Pakistani "modernist" whose self-professed aim is to "reform" Islam, which, in his praxis, translates to siding with the neoconservative/far-right anti-Muslim narrative. He regularly writes for neocon/far-right/new atheist anti-Muslim outlets. His viewpoints are the same as Tawhidi's- casting doubts on core tenets of the faith and validating Western anti-Muslim narratives to win their approval, except that he doesn't claim to be a "scholar" like Tawhidi.

Wiladah of Ameer ul-Mu'mineen (عليه السلام) mubarak to everyone!!

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