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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

My little sister supports LGBTQ+

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6 hours ago, Mohammad313Ali said:

Insha'Allah when there is ample time I will hope to create a thread in attempt to address this topic in a respectful, undemeaning, considerate way that seeks to rectify the plight of those afflicted with such a reality and those who toil with the moral implications that surround it.

It's a loss of time in SC. There are better spaces to be honest. For every helpful comment there will be 20 hamrful ones. It's best to avoid the topic, the forum is full of homophobes, from the first to the last. There is absolutely no will to help any LGBTQ person, it isn't a safe space in any aspect.

6 hours ago, Mohammad313Ali said:

Many of us are subject to ailments and afflictions this is the reality of life, it is troublesome and filled with turmoil.

The problem with LGBTQ issues is the social bashing they live, not their personal circumstances and the clashes with their faith. It is wrong to compare the affliction of a blind man with that of a gay man, they are completely different. A gay man's problem within our communities mostly suffer because of others. His life is messed up because he doesn't find a society that may treat him like an equal human being. A blind man is visually disabled. There is no one to blame, and not much we can do about it except to invest in research to improve his quality of life. When it comes to queer people's lives, there is a lot we can do. To begin with, we can avoid treating people like @gayboyanon in this demeaning way in this thread. This has been the norm in SC always. My best recommendation to the staff was to close all LGBTQ threads because the forum is full of bigots, but also because the staff team itself is full of them as well, with amazing exceptions. Though exceptiond in SC are rare, and the hegemonic discourse is hateful. This is why there is no utility in educating in queer related topics here, because these threads aren't here to listen to diversity, but to build eco chambers based in hate and bigotry. Thus, diverse voices like gayboyanon are invited to leave SC constantly, as I ended up doing.

I already told gayboyanon in my profile, but I left Islam a few months ago. It has much to do with the mentality behind these attitudes and little to do with my condition. I find a religion completely useless if it cannot stop people from having some minimum education and respect because the hegemonic discourse within their religious communities is homophobic (and you can substitute homophobia by almost all hateful attitudes withib our cultures)... If religion cannot significantly separate itself from the worst cultural aspects of its communities (arab, south-asian, etc), a different moral framework becomes necessary for the moral progress of society. And I don't think that is longer possible within Islam.

In this thread, I think it was Abu Hadi (correct me if I'm wrong) that was telling how to educate your kid to avoid external influences. One of the mechanisms was to make the kid grow up with others that are like him and hold a cultural baggage that you are interested in bringing to your kid. This would be awesome if that baggage wasn't full of bigotry. This is the power of culture, which is tightly tied to religion and how we experience it.

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