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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Justifications for Liberal Laws.

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Recently someone mentioned the name of an Ayotallah called Youseuf Saanei. I looked into him and his law interpretations. Now I know that jurisprudence laws can't be made out of the whims and wishes of Marjai. They need to have proper understanding and reasoning from ahadith+Quran. So what are the following hadith or Quranic interpretations which serve as evidence for the following rulings by this Marjah? :

Government-sponsored and private lotteries and raffles are allowed, provided the proceeds go to a charitable purpose, even if the player's intent was to win a prize, and not motivated by the charitable donation

The use of gambling tools, arcade games, or board games for entertainment purposes is allowed

The foster parent of an adopted child should treat the child in all respects as their own, including the mother not having to observe hijab around a male child; however this does not extend to inheritance absent the permission of the Quranic heirs

 Saanei held that a woman can lead a man in prayer, although a man leading is mustahab, and that a Muslim woman can marry a non-Muslim man

Another Marjah by the name of Jannaati ruled these:


  • Allows Muslims to consume non-halal meats provided by non-Muslims yet religious groups such as Christians and Jews.
  • Allows Muslim men to shake hands with non-Muslim women if avoiding shaking hands is a bad habit in that culture or makes Islam to be viewed badly.

Also justifications for Shirazi's ruling where He permits Mutah with a prostitute.

If anyone could help with answering this question. It'd be awesome.

[Side question: What exactly is a Grand Ayatollah? I thought there must be a few but I've clicked on a few articles of living Marja who had Grand in their title. Probably seen 12 by now. How exactly do you become one? What is Grand about them? Does it come with any benefit or anything?]



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