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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Marriage of Conjoined twins... permissible or haram?

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What does Islam say about conjoint twins who are adults, cannot be separated and wish to get married? Is it haram for them to ever get married, because they are two different individuals and cannot be married to one spouse? Is marriage categorically forbidden for them in Islam and if yes, what options do they have to satisfy their needs without committing any sexual sins? If there are two brothers, is it possible for them to get married to two different women? How would that practically work because there would be no privacy?

There have been some cases where conjoint brothers have married two sisters and have had children, but islamically that looks forbidden.

My understanding is that it is forbidden for them to ever get married... perhaps this could be the only situation where Islam prohibits someone from ever getting married, but they would be rewarded in the next world for their life long sexual patience. 

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Found the following by internet search but it is Sunni:

Regarding this issue, the Islamic Research Academy at Al-Azhar issued the following resolution on Thursday, March 27, 2008:

It is not permissible for one of the conjoined twins or both to get married from another person. The reason of prohibition in this case is that marriage has requirements and marital affairs that one of the conjoined twins is not allowed to watch.

It should be noted that the conjoined twins are not considered one person, and it is not permissible for a person to marry from two female conjoined twins as this is considered as combining between two sisters in marriage.

Therefore, the marriage of conjoined twins is contradictory to the rulings of the Islamic Shari`ah in all cases.

Moreover, the eminent Muslim scholar and renowned da`iyah Sheikh `Abdel Khaliq Hasan Ash-Shareef states:

In marriage, spouses display their `awrahs before each other as Almighty Allah permitted husband and wife to have intimate relationship, the thing that is not allowed to be done in the presence of a third party other than the husband and wife. It is clear that the conjoined twins are two persons, and we wonder how what the case would be if one of them married another person.

Therefore, the marriage of one of the conjoined twins to another person is not allowed unless they get separated surgically.

Also, Dr. Rif`at Fawzi, former Professor of Shari`ah at Cairo Univ., adds:

This marriage is not permissible before conducting surgical separation between the conjoined twins. The reason of prohibition is that it is not allowed for a third party (i.e. other than the husband and wife) to see the married couple while having intimate relationship. 


Anyone has any Shia views on this?

Is it possible that technically it is permissible for the conjoined twins to get married, but it would be haram for them to have sexual relations with their spouses? 

If there are two brothers who are conjoined, and one of them wishes to get married to a woman, but understand he cannot have sexual relations with his wife, would the marriage be valid if both the man and the wife understand and accept that they will never have sexual relations?

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