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In the Name of God بسم الله

What was some thing you were looking forward to in 2020 before the pandemic broke out??

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Before the pandemic I had a lot of things to look forward to but then someone decided they wanted to eat live bats and sick puppies.

Some things looked forward to:

  • the chess tournament at school
  • finishing some series
  • a marvel movie
  • my bday out side of my house and wayy more
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Before the pandemic we found out that our relative asked a woman to marry him. They rented a venue for the wedding 1 year in advance (December 2020). Our family was planning to fly 1000 miles to attend. In April 2020 we were in a group text and I told everyone that I heard on the news that Target stores were limiting how many customers could be in the store at the same time, that others had to stand outside and wait in line. (Nothing strange about that now, but back then it was big news.) Then we got the text from him that gatherings were not allowed and the wedding venue closed down with no hope of opening again. They decided to have a private wedding with a couple of friends "tomorrow", so we all missed their wedding. 

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What was some thing you were looking forward to in 2020 before the pandemic broke out??

The pandemic. Since it is one of the signs of reappearance. Now I have been anxiously looking forward to the next, real pandemic and the big "war in the west". I have been secretly hoping the Armenian Azeri conflict would trigger it, lure western armies in opposing sides and kill each other for a change.

Just being very honest. I'm not evil. I just want the reappearance to "happen yesterday" for the sake of humanity.

Those who know me know that I have been preparing for these times since years. Moving away from a big city, getting off the grid, etc. It has been inevitable and many people will doubt it till the end. :)

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