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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Corny videos: A rant

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Salam everybody,

Today's rant/observation is a less problematic one but still needs to be addressed, so don't take it too seriously.

Why do Muslim media channels (Shia and Sunni alike) keep making these corny (and quite cringy tbh) "motivational" videos with stupid "inspirational" music. You know those, Hans Zimmer/Interstellar/"muh I feel empowered again" songs. All they do is "alter" the message of the speaker from an educational to an emotional video. That's not how messages should be conveyed I'm sorry to say it. And don't even let me start on the visuals. What do they even mean?? A man on the mountain looking at the sunset, wooow OK I'm convinced I will use miswaak. 

Anyway I just had to get it out, and I thought this might be a good place to share.


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Don't forget about the part where they steal copyrighted material from Game of thrones/Lord of the rings. Show Gandalf as the Messiah from the back on his white steed, The eye of Sauron as Dajjal. It's also pretty annoying when you want to hear an excerpt from a lecturer but in the background some Noha is playing or the bass is boosted of the speaker to make it seem like he is speaking from somewhere else with people in the background chanting "Aaah Aaah Ahhh Ahhh AAAhhhhh" in a melodious but emotional tone.

Though what annoys me even more is that when I google Shia islamic videos. In a bit, youtube starts reccomending me videos of non Shia lecturers preaching things I don't want to hear or Saudi scholars preaching nonsense such as that shaved mustasche guy with his talk show who is always saying Anti shia things Or that Mufti Menk.

Also those Dawah videos are pretty annoying also where they go towards random people on the street, stand around one another like a Rap battle and debate nonsense. Pretty cringe when that Hijab guy finds some ignorant people who say they are Shi'as on the street and then debates them with the comments feeding his ego whilst saying Anti-Shia things at the same time.

End of my rant :hahaha:


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I am quite a fan of non-religious motivational videos, there are some pretty good ones. But I agree that when people try and make those types of videos with an Islamic flavour they can be pretty bad. Not all of them, if in essence the story being narrated is beneficial then adding some kind of soft chanting or whatever sound effects that they use can be ok, but when the video is just someone talking absolute rubbish, it is just embarrassing.

That Moderrasi video when he talks about saying ya Ali when you undertake all your daily activities is beyond embarrassing.

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