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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Allah is Beautiful and He Loves Beauty

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Al Salaam Alaikum,

Hope you are all well.

This is a topic that is hardly ever spoken of, except maybe when it comes to hiding beauty. Of course I am referring to the Islamic societies. However, other nations seem to have a much closer relation with the concept and promotion of beauty.

In the renaissance we had the most powerful drive towards beauty, that was often going in the wrong direction, especially when they started making paintings and statues of naked people. But in general the Italian drive towards beauty had its benefits, which can be seen in every facet of society. Italians today are masters of fashion, design, and even beautiful dishes. Their cars are beautiful, their countryside is beautiful, and their language is beautiful. Some western countries are more into functionality, rather than beauty, like the northern countries between Germany and Scandinavia. But functionality carries with it some beautiful effects too, which is why the Germans have such beautiful, yet functional cars for instance. Then the French also have a sense of beauty that is somehow admirable, which can be seen clearly in the city design of Paris, and the south of France as well. I only focused on Europe for now, but for sure other nations to the east and west are obsessed with beauty as well. Unfortunately the Muslim world has lost touch with a lot of this very comforting aspect of life. In most Muslim countries that I have been to in the Middle East, you don't find men looking good compared to European countries. Men do not take care of themselves, and have lost touch with style and a certain charm. Style comes from within, so the problem is spiritual. Also Islamic women are nowhere near their potential in the way they carry themselves, and how they naturally appear. Usually when Muslim girls dress, they find it hard to color coordinate, and those who decide to put make-up end up putting far too much of it, with very few having the grace of elegance with them. There are always exceptions to the rule, and you will find Muslims who are truly beautiful in a natural and balanced way, but I am talking in general. 
Muslim countries also have lost touch with appreciating beauty of nature. These things are all connected. When Muslims see dogs, they see something dirty and impure, while that is actually an insult to the fellowship of the cave mentioned in the Quran. I hardly ever see Muslims into nature or into creating new ways of beauty. Even in the world of interior design the Muslims basically follow the non Muslims. In the world of art, there also seems to be nothing new that the Muslims are bringing to the table.

I am a Muslim myself, so I took the liberty of criticizing my own people, with the urge of encouraging the new generation to learn from the past mistakes. Please make yourselves beautiful every day, even if you go to bed alone. Make yourself look good and even if you have only torn clothes out of poverty, wear them in a way that they look stylish. You can give two different people the same pair of jeans and white t-shirt; one will make it look bad and primitive, while the other person would make it look super-stylish. There is a certain pride and little tricks that help. Once you put into your mind that you are following the sunnah of beautiful style, you will automatically put your clothes on in a beautiful way, your aura will be beautiful, your face will shine more beautifully, your hair will be more radiant, your surroundings and furniture setup will be stylish in genuine way, and then you will look 'classy'. Most Muslims don't look 'classy' no matter how much money they have. The richest and most powerful oil rich Muslims look like they are from a very poor background. They don't look like princes. If you want to be a prince, you don't need money or people working for you. It is an attitude. It is not arrogance, but it is confidence based on intelligence. Everything must have a purpose in the rules of beauty. Find out what is beautiful and follow it. So that God loves you more.

I hope that one day the Muslim nation will be the most classy, elegant looking people, where our women are the envy of all other women, because our men look better than the most stylish non-Muslim men from the east or the west, in every way, including how they talk to each other. In this way the women will also have the chance to bloom a little more and walk with pride, while all will take care of their bodies more, and not compromise. If one of us starts getting fat, don't let go of yourself! If the men among us want a good body, you don't need to take steroids and go pumping iron while staring at yourself in the mirror. Moderation. Beautify your surroundings, beautify your cities, your homes, your everything. With simple elegance, and respect for the tastes of other people.


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