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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Music and addiction

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For someone who wants to get over a music addiction, I would first suggest reading some of the pages about music on al-islam.

Then, I would say: make an effort to distance yourself from music. Delete apps that you use to listen to/make music, clear your youtube history (delete music playlists) and try to change what videos get recommended to you by listening to recitations of the Holy Quran instead (the youtube algorithm will start recommending you less and less music). If your addiction is really bad then you might want to consider blocking youtube and just downloading a Quran recitation app instead to listen, so that you're not tempted to search for music. I know it will be difficult to get songs out of your head at first, but the longer you hold off from listening to those songs, the easier it will become. InshAllah you'll also find your mind will be a lot clearer and you will have better focus when praying.


If you make it difficult for yourself to access music, then you'll be less interested in it, and your addiction and dependence on it will weaken over time. If you listen to music when you do chores (for example when you wake up and make your bed, or make breakfast) then it's better to stop doing that and listen to Islamic lectures or Quran recitation during those times, so music becomes less intertwined in your daily activities.

Lastly I would also suggest looking at how much time you actually spend listening to music. Spotify has a yearly review feature that tells you how many hours you spend listening to music, and you might be shocked if you're spending hundreds of hours listening to music when you could have been meeting one of your long-term goals instead. 




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Maybe reading this would help. This gives the reader an understanding of the destructive nature of music and the state people will be in as a result of making and listening to music. 



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Honestly for me I literally just stopped. Said to myself that’s it from this moment no more and deleted any apps and if I heard a Cool Travis scott song on radio just switch channels while music is on it about to play. If I get the urge of listening to something I just put Abdul basit but all I can say it’s one of the hardest things brother. Tiktoks Facebook memes and videos all have music and without you realising you are indeed listening to music so try avoid those too. So far been since jan I havnt listening to music I put myself except when I’m in a shopping centre or elevator ahaha. 

my tip is there is no easy tip lol just give up somehow like I did 

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Bismehe Ta3ala 

Assalam Alikum 

Sometimes for Muslims, the fact that it is haram is not enough.

I found this man explaining how music effects your brain and heart and therefore you act upon what you hear.



Insh'Allah you can overcome your addiction to music.


M3 Salamah, Fe Amin Allah 

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Seen on the news last night:

That a planned concert had to make an assessment about their choir.

Premise: that singing -like talking- will spread contaminated aerosols into the audience.

A smoke test was conducted to determine air flows around the stage.

We now may conclude that singing is a health hazard.

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On 9/20/2020 at 2:21 PM, Lion of Shia said:

as salaam alakim!!!!!

How can one get over the addiction of music?

Greetings brother. I want to offer some assistance in your quest as well. The first thing I'd say is just quit cold turkey when it comes to the popular songs which you enjoy. It's not the music your ears are craving, it's the noise that is generated which your ears are actually craving. Replace this meaningless noise with something positive, listen to Nohas/Naats/Quranic recitations. You'll find solace in them and the same effect of something filling up your ear would be achieved but this time instead of haram, it will be something Halal. This method has worked for every person I've offered it to. Hopefully it does the same for you.

JazakAllah Khair.

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