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2020 Election Shenanigans

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ln 2016 as you may recall, two weeks before the General Election we listened to the damsels-in-distress garbage accusing Trump of sexual misconduct. As a follow-up, Trump sued these 20+ women, most of whom settled-with(paid)  Trump out of court fairly quickly. Perjury convictions would interfere with their partying.

Now, with 50+ days until the election and Trump pulling ahead in the polls in Georgia and Florida with solid backing from the Hispanic communities, we now have to listen to hysterical, hysterectomies-on-migrant-women accusations.

Of course, the nurse -not a doctor- accuses lCE of performing unnecessary hysterectomies on Hispanic women and then "shredding the medical records."

:dwarf:"Scream: political outrage"


:shock: "0h my gosh! No medical records."

thestreet.com calls this another problem for Trump's lCE.

lnspector Generals in several departments have now launched investigations.

Yet, most accusations about lCE were during the 0bama-Biden Administration. Cages, separated families, no schooling, lack of air conditioning.

Thought: During the Clinton-Lewdinsky Scandal, parents were stressed because their little children were asking "what is" questions concerning kinky sex. Looks like that now-grown-up generation will now have to come-up with child-appropriate explanations for this one. 

Waiting for the Parade of Scars . . . surgery scars.  :ko:

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These accusations are just not as scandalous to the public as they were in the 1990s. Trump has normalized a lot of crude behavior that was previously considered beneath the dignity of the presidency, at least if expressed openly and publicly.

In some areas, I think Trump is to be commended for his “un-presidential” behavior, especially how he personally insults many leaders around the world (especially European leaders), and uses Twitter to blast politicians and celebrities in America. I also love how he trolled the mainstream media for so long and they were absolutely clueless, taking him seriously, until they finally got the message years later.

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Behind the scenes, the Biden Campaign begs Howie Hawkins to quit the Presidential race.

Despite this being the worse year for third political parties in living memories. <1% support.


So the Baden Bunch don't believe the polling either, l surmise.

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lnteresting . . .


Prefacing Remark: l tripped over this story --as l heard nothing on TV, radio or saw on the lnternet Search Engines news pages.

Glenn Greenwald, of Ed Snowden's revelations, "resigned" from The lntercept, a publication he co-founded, alleging editorial interference in a story critical of Biden.

The lntercept's gloss is here: https://theintercept.com/2020/10/29/glenn-greenwald-resigns-the-intercept/

ln this Tucker Carlson interview summary, Greenwald says that many in the intelligence communities are "in bed with the Left", out to "destroy Trump."

COMMENT: Remember two years back when ex-ClA, DoD, NSA and all were accusing Trump of "treason?" And other shenanigans? Pushing faked/discredited dossiers, and so forth.


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Since the word 'shenanigans'  means activity that is secret of dishonest, l believe that this news note belongs in this thread.

0n an NPR radio program today (l couldn't discern which one), a reporter who reports on journalism and reporting gave this factoid:

That reporters peruse Twitter for information on what people in general think and say, and what concerns them. Not by interviews.

OPINE: This is a distortion in its own right. lt also is a confined assessment, much like the Liberty Digest poll in the 1930s.

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OPINE: l do not believe this story by the Washington Post and The Hill.  REASON: The Secret Service will not allow anything like this around a protected person.

https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/523807-biden-campaign-cancels-event-in-texas-after-pro-trump-cars-surrounded-its  bus on I-35.

Meanwhile, as Trump campaigns, 0buma shoots baskets and Baden goes to thinly attended meetings

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12 hours ago, hasanhh said:

OPINE: l do not believe this story . . .

l do now.

The video was shown on CBS Face the Nation.

But . . . l do not see any threatening behaviors by those pick-up trucks. 

OnIy driving alongside (and probably honking their horns).

CBS' Margaret Brennan alleged that one truck bumped the vehicle. Uhhh would you deliberately sideswipe a large bus on the expressway?

And why are there no arrests?

The CNN video you need to watch a few times before you realize that it is the smaller, white vehicle that changes lanes into the black pick-up's lane (following behind, in the same as the lane the bus is in).

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