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In the Name of God بسم الله

Searching for Hadith Al-Thaqalayn (The Two Valuables) in Musnad Ahmad

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I am putting my notes together, and - I cannot find Hadith al-Thaqalayn (on two valuables) - the Musnad Ahmad version of it....

I have several sources/ books referencing that there is a Musnad Ahmad version too, like: Imam Ahmad Al-Musnad part 5 p. 181 

- But I don't know - may be that is some Book edition or something - I woud like to find it in Sunnah.com - as the most known internet Hadith collection - but no success so far.... looking for suggestions...

I know there are also Tirmidhi & Sahih Muslīm versions, those I find...... But were is Musnad Ahmad version?!


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The reference you have provided (Volume 5, pg 181) , is most probably referring to hadith al manzila which is actually on pg 180.

As for the variant of hadith al thaqalayn, you find it in volume 17 pg 170.

You can find pdf copies of the Musnad here:


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