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In the Name of God بسم الله

Azadari (Mourning for Hussain) and Marajae (Jurists)

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It happens each year without fail around this time that 1 or more threads are created for azadari bashing. I could go back on SC and pull out such threads like clockwork. They make rituals that are on periphery seem like the faith is based on it and then lament about the plight and misery of shias and how it is falling apart. I believe one of last year's topic or the year before was validity of spontaneous matam vs. organized matam. This year is crawling; next year might be criticizing "online" azadari

Make no mistake that our marajae and azadari are what has ensured the survival of the shias for so long. Hence both of them are under attack constantly.

While it may seem that threads are created to "save" azadari, its an attack on both - our ulema and azadari. Who cares if 10 guys crawl or 100 guys walk on coals or 1,000 do tatbir - 20m+ marching peacefully to the chants of Labaik Ya Hussain (عليه السلام) is the only story. The agenda of these threads is to reduce azadari to a shell and disparage our ulema for not doing enough to "save" azadari. You may have heard of "Make war in the name of peace". Agenda of these topics is "destroy azadari in the name of ulema" AND "destroy ulema in the name of azadari". Pit our 2 pillars against each other to destroy both.

People will have you believe there is anarchy in the shia world. A peaceful gathering of 20m+ each year defies that belief.

There is consensus amoung our ulema and also among historians that shia has never been as strong as it is today.

Our system is designed to root out the bad ulema and bizarre rituals by itself so lets all be thankful to our marajae (may Allah lengthen their lives) and continue to commemorate azadari with the fervor it deserves.

"There is a heat in the heart of our believers that will never subside".

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