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This will probably be the best resource you'll come across online if you're interested learning in classical Arabic:


Register for their online seminary. The have full online recorded video lessons on Arabic, classroom style with a whiteboard. The instructors are shia and are really nice too and you can contact them via whatsapp for extra help. You can download the necessary books straight from their site after you make an account and go into their online portal. They teach other Islamic courses too, based on books of classical scholars. However, the language of instruction is in English. 

Once you enter their portal, you'll see the course titles "Sarf" and "Nahw". You are supposed to start with Sarf first as Sarf is learning how the words work. Nahw is learning how to put together the words together to create sentences.

For dictionaries, a friend on this site suggested to me to download the Hans Wehr dictionary from the app store on your phone (I know it's on Google Playstore for sure, didn't check for apple). Another great app is "wikisurfer 4 wiktionary".

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16 hours ago, Dutchzahra said:

Salam aleykum brothers and sisters. 

I am new up here. Do you know if the Imamsadiq school is for ladies too or not? 

Thank you

Wasalam Sister,

I don't see why not. I encourage this school to females too!

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