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In the Name of God بسم الله

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“O lions, seize them!”

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Sayyid Hashim Bahrani, author of Tafseer Burhan narrates that
Mansur Dawaniqi summoned seventy natives of Kabul and told
them: “You are experts in magic and Ja’far bin Muhammad is also
[God forbid] a sorcerer like you. If you can perform a magic trick,
which defeats him, I will give you a lot of money.”
They began to work upon this and first of all prepared seventy
pictures of lions in the court of Mansur. Each of the sorcerers sat
near the picture he had sketched. Mansur also sat upon his throne
wearing his crown and ordered his men to present Imam Ja’far bin
Muhammad ((عليه السلام).), the sixth Divine Proof.
When the Imam entered, his eyes fell upon those present there
like it is mentioned in the Ziyarat: The seeing eyes of Allah. Then he
raised his hands towards the heavens and mentioned some words;
some of them softly and some aloud. Then he said:
“Woe be on you! I would render your magic and sorcery


Then he issued a command and said: “O lions, seize them!”
It is mentioned in another report that he said:
“O images, each of you, seize your companion!”
So, each of the images turned into a ferocious lion and seized its
companion. Mansur fell down from his throne unconscious. When he
regained senses, he sought the forgiveness of the Imam and said:
“My lord and master, tell these lions to return those fellows.” Imam
((عليه السلام).) said: “If the staff of Musa ((عليه السلام).) had returned what it
swallowed, they would have also done the same.” That is since the
staff of Musa ((عليه السلام).) did not restore those serpents, these would also not do that

(Madinatul Maajiz, 363 & 364)

Reference Isbaatul Wilayah (Part One) – Ayatullah AliNamazi Shahroodi ((رضي الله عنه).)

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