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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Question on Taqleed of single Marja

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Guest Syed Ali

As per traditions, the shias have been asked by the 12th Imam (عليه السلام). to refer to the narrators of the sayings and traditions of Ahlul bayt (عليه السلام)., to solve their problems.

I hold the scholars of our religious school in high regard. May Allah pardon me, but it is difficult to understand how it has been mandated by the Marjaa themselves that we can’t change taqleed without their permission and also can’t follow other Marjaa except where they have permitted.

The 12th Imam had asked us to refer to narrators of traditions, however, we have ended up making one or two Naib-Imam.

Also, it is troubling that such people have mandated that all khums money needs to be given to them or their representatives. Isn’t it unfair to the local people of a city who have more rights on that Khums money than to be sent to one or two countries. Imagine a situation where I know that my relative is in dire need of khums money, how can my charity be accepted when I ignore the right of my needy relative and instead give the khums money to the Marja’s representative? Isn’t there a hadith which says the charity is to be first given to a needy relative and then other people.

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Khums does not necessarily need to be given to the marja. Many organizations that are involved in welfare (for orphans, widow, poor people etc) have received permission to collect khums. 

As for referring to single marja I imagine it's a barrier to prevent a 'pick and choose' mentality where we ultimately end up referring to anyone who calls themselves a marja just because they start stamping things as permissible even if they are not. 

One can of course try and practice precaution as much as possible and follow the more conservative rulings where there is a difference of opinion. 

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For following one Marja, it's also about Welayat, and religious leadership. If Shia's do research and find the most knowledgable Marja, they also accept his Welayat (guidance) on matters beyond just fiqh. Hence, if say, Shia's in Iraq are following Ayatollah Sistani, and at the proper time, he gives a fatwa for the Shia's to rise up and fight Isis, then good portion of Shia's will obey. This connection with our Marja's is the unique strength of Shia's. 

It's also a means for us to be trained on mass to recognized religious leaders and follow them, hence preparation for following Imam Mahdi(عليه السلام) once he reappears.  

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