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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Where to Start Teaching Children Islam

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Assalamu Alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I just need some advice. Does anyone know of some good books or videos to introduce Islam to a child. Does anyone which areas of Islam should i start off teaching. Are teaching them the story of the lives of various prophets and the imams are good start? I need the help and it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help? If anyone is able to show me some good starting points, that would also be great. Any advice about to approach the teaching as well. (In case anyone is wandering, i don't have any children of my own, i'm trying to help someone at the moment)

Jazakumu Allah, May Allah Reward You!

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Salam Alykum,

Depending on the age, and how much knowledge they already posses. Try explaining to them the Usual E deen ( 5 pillars of islam), and then introduce the Fur' E Teen (10 wajib acts).

Maybe explain simply why Usool E Teen, and Fur E Teen are important to follow as muslims. 

When the children understand these, you can introduce prophetic stories, or stories from the Imams that demonstrate the aforementioned principles in effect. 

I think starting off with the 5 prophets stories would be great, you can even open up the Quran, and read their stories out loud. You can explain simply what struggles each prophet faced, their lessons, and so forth. When it comes to Imams, it's important to explain how Prophets and Imams are different, as sometimes children don't really understand their differences. 

Also, very simply teach children Akhlaq which can be taken out of the life of our last prophet, and the various lifestyles of our Ahlul-bayt. 

When it comes to teaching children, you have to get creative since their attention span is very low. Visuals, and games are pretty useful. And keeping things simple never goes wrong with kids. 

Here is a Sunni Youtube channel that contains stories of the Prophets/companions- Of course you'd have to watch them and make sure that the videos contain reliable information, however, most of the stories are pretty neutral and contain information that both Shia and Sunni agree with... 


Here is another Youtube channel that I believe is made by Shia's as it contains the stories of our Imams 


Best of luck,


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