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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Allah Seeker

"Century of the Self" Documentary

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Salam Alaikum,

This documentary is one of the most important educational experiences I have ever had, thanks to the All-Mighty God of Mohamed ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)). It is so eye-opening, that I feel I learned more from it than 12 years of "school". At first I didn't know in what section of the forum to put it, as it could almost fit anywhere, so I decided to put it in off-topic.

Anyway, this documentary is about a tool used and perfected by the Freud family, which is mind control through addressing the deepest inner weaknesses of humans. Sigmund Freud goes by the assumption that all humans are by nature evil creatures who are instinct driven, and slaves to our desires. Based on this idea they basically use our inner desires and what they first termed as 'sub-conscious' to control us and direct us, because according to them we don't deserve to be freely thinking individuals. At the same time we are accustomed to think and believe that our choices are actually ours. 

I have worked for 7 years at a very famous Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods giant corporation, and I know all too well that "marketing" is almost a hypnotic practice of "demand creation". We depend on impulsive behavior, and direct it without the costumer even knowing it. Please pray for me that Allah forgives me for those years of working in such an evil field!

  • Freud's Nephew, Edward Bernays, was the first to implement his written techniques for mass consumer persuasion - and basically invented the word "propaganda" - in World War 2, by convincing the masses among the Allied nations that they were "spreading democracy", in order to motivate them to continue waging that war.
  • After the campaign was a big success, and they won the war, Bernays decided to use the same technique during peaceful times, but changed its name from Propaganda to 'Public Relations Consultation'. So this was the birth of PR!
  • He used it to produce a new culture of consumerism, where people were motivated to buy products based on emotion gratification, rather than quality or durability. The first campaign he did was for Philip Morris, by expanding his market share by about 100%, after persuading the culture of smoking taboo for women to be removed. He organized that women would almost walk in formation on the street while smoking, and have maximum exposure, and spread the word that the cigarette was a phalic symbol representing a penis, reflecting empowerment, and that women should also be empowered. The women caught on to this and it worked almost over night. Little did people know that this was steered and consciously planned by people just for the sake of some profit.
  • It didn't take long until the politics caught on to this, and the White House hired him to do the same for the President's popularity. Bernays would organize that the president would be seen and photographed with famous actors and celebrities, which would skyrocket his popularity. Again, peoples 'sub-conscious' emotional drive was tapped on to get specific political results.
  • The Freudian mind control techniques went deeper down the rabbit hole. The strategy was then applied for the sake of controlling the masses - or 'Social Control' - by stimulating their inner desires and then satiating them with those newly desired consumer products, creating new ways of managing the irrational force of masses - which they call 'engineering of consent'. They create desire, and turn people into "happiness machines". In this way they can control how people take decisions. For instance, presidents will talk about things in their campaigns that don't really matter, but are appealing to the ears of the masses (they tell them what they "want" to hear, after finding out what those wants are through specific processes), in order to make them support certain people and political parties.
  • At the same time they don't only tap into the deepest desires, but they also the deepest fears. As much as they make you feel like you must have this product to be happy, they also at the same time make you feel fear of not being able to have it, and if you have it, that you can't maintain it or get a new one if this one becomes obsolete. 
  • Basically so-called Democracy was turned more than ever into a feel-good medication to maintain the powers in place, stimulate irrational self, so leaders can keep on doing what they want to do.
  • The people are not in charge but the people’s desires are in charge, as passive consumers triggered by hidden and sub conscious desires.
  • Turning politics into consumer business, by trying to identify people’s desires and whims, and then try to fulfill them (Consumer rules philosophy). Seeing votes as profits.
  • Marketing: Symbols, music, words that will appeal to this unconscious 
  • "Democracy" as doggie-treats spread to the public after reading consumers mind
  • result: "Consumer democracy"

It is worth noting that all godly religions and philosophies worldwide teach the exact opposite. They teach that we should shed off our desires and not be slaves to our whims. In Quranic Arabic the word for impulse/desire/whim is hawa ( LINK: ه و ي ). There are people who worship their own hawa according to Allah in the Quran. Therefore, Freudian mentality, and the mind control tools used against us since so many decades do show symptoms of hezbulshaytan / party of satan. 

Any just society will do the exact opposite. They will not intentionally go into the deep and private sub-conscious of people, and spy on -  feed, create or starve - desires without their consent. This goes under the header of 'deception' and 'conspiracy' against unwitting innocent people. If people are treated as evil animalistic and selfish creatures by default, then this actually encourages them to be this way. People, and masses should be encouraged to think for themselves and make decisions based on their own personal and unique rational conscious reflections. People should be free to make their own decisions, and not be taken for a ride! Anyway, it is good to learn this in order to avoid falling prey to mass mind and spiritual control that is bombarding us every day from all over the place. In this way it is easier to discern what are really our opinions, and what are opinions that we are made to think are our own. 

Many thanks and enjoy this amazing documentary!



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I highly recommend watching this and then "Hypernormalization" afterward.

Adam Curtis is my favorite documentary filmmaker & I regularly rewatch his work to keep it fresh in my mind. Supposedly he is having a new nine part series entitled "What Is It That Is Coming?" that will be dropping sometime, but I haven't been able to find any information about it aside from a short mention in an interview with him from 2018-19

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