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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

compulsory precaution.

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5 hours ago, Syed Zia Abbas said:

As salam walikum,


I would like to know If i can follow another Marja’ if he says something is compulsory precaution? I am so confused about it I have heard people have different opinions on this one.

please help. Jazak’Allah 

Can you elaborate?

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In jurisprudence, required caution is called "obligatory caution". Sometimes, jurists do not reach the jurisprudential verdict for some issues based on religious reasons, but consider observing caution in them necessary; therefore, in such cases, they use the phrase "obligatory caution". In obligatory cautions, a religious authority does not issue fatwa about prohibition or obligation of an action, but considers it obligatory to act in a manner that if it is prohibited in reality, no prohibited action would be committed, and if it is obligatory in reality, no obligation would be abandoned.

In cases, when observing caution is not obligatory, but it is better to observe caution in them, they use "recommended caution".

In obligatory caution, it is obligatory for people (mukallaf) to either act based on caution or follow another religious authority (marja') who is higher than other religious authorities after his own religious authority. A person can refer to the ruling of another religious authority because his own religious authority does not have a fatwa in that issue.


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