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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

What is Taqqiya Mudaratiyah?

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While Khomayni is speaking about the types of taqqiyah he explains the “Mudaratiyah taqqiyah” and says

وهو تحبيب المخالفين وجر مودتهم من غير خوف ضرر كما في التقية خوفا

It is the act of making those who differ with us – Ahlul sunnah – love us and to lure them by friendliness in a situation where there is no fear of harm or damage -to the shia- unlike the taqqiyah of fear.

Source: “Al Rasael” 2/174



The Nawasib often quote this from our great scholar “Ayatollah Khomenei” to make it seem as if we are deceptive liars. However these Nawasib typically either use faulty translations or take things out of context to make us look bad. So anyways, is there any truth to this? Can we really lie whenever we want in front of Sunnis?

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التقية المداراتية / التحبّبية

Literally means Taqiyya of benevolence or kindness. It's not lying nor deceit; I suppose I can describe it as being diplomatic for the greater good.

An example of this would be praying behind a Sunni Imam whilst I believe he's not praying the same way the Prophet saww prayed; I'd still pray behind him under certain conditions in the hopes of building bridges. Also, overlooking certain minor differences in the hopes of focusing on the commonalities for instance. An act as simple as smiling in the face of people can be Taqiyya Mudarateya. 

Everyone uses diplomacy in their lives, it's not deceit at all, rather it's being wise and having foresight in support of the greater good.

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