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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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On the other hand:


Then, one could also say that even if the immediate principal objective is the third world war, they will thereafter keep the illuminati religion and maintain a Satanist society. So we would have a medium-term objective, which would be the third world war, and another in the longer term, which would be the creation of a Satanist society.

It's a possibility. But I think that won't be the case. First, it is not in the interest of the elite to come out in the open. But that is what would happen if the illuminati power was no longer something known only by the elite. Everyone would know that there is on one side the hereditary elite (the same as the royalty and nobility of ancient times) and on the other side, the peons. Moreover, people would know that it is global and that there is no possibility of revolution. (From this standpoint, even the very fact that the MSM, however disparagingly, are mentioning “conspiracy theories” lends publicity to real and alleged conspiracies. Trump himself has admitted that publicity is its own good. So even if they are being indoctrinated, the masses know all about 9/11, vaccine, fluoride, GMO, pedophile/Satanist, “chemical-trail,” RussiaGate, Q, and other conspiracies, courtesy of the MSM, however dismissive the MSM are of these “conspiracy theories,” and however superficially the claims are presented and/or treated. –ed.)

In addition, in the context of a Satanist society, this elite would not be of the benevolent genre, as kings were supposed to be in their time, but kind of pedophile psychopaths, child killers, torturers, assassins, slavers, etc.... All this in the open. Not a very good thing to lead people.

This is also the case at the grassroots level of society. A world with satanic anti-values doesn't seem really viable. How to make people accept to work, to marry, to have children in a satanic society where it is normal that there is no fidelity, that children can be raped by adults without parents being able to say anything, where the worker is only an ultra-poor slave, or the citizen has no rights, and where the human being in general is only a commodity that can be killed when he is no longer useful? a world centered on sex and violence, lies, deception, the law of the strongest, etc..., etc... And all this, unlike now, not hidden, but exhibited and claimed without complex? Already, these days, people don't have too many children in white and Asian countries. There, it is obvious that practically nobody would make some any more. And the motivation to work would also collapse.

And the extreme poverty implied by the ruthless exploitation of the people by the elite goes against a hyper sexualized and totally childish society. When you barely have enough to eat, and you have to work like crazy to earn just few bucks, you're not going to have fun making orgies all the time and playing on your smartphone. Thus, certain characteristics of a Satanist society contradict each other completely.


Trying to take an “optimistic” stand for once...

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On 9/27/2020 at 7:35 PM, Northwest said:


What if we are being remotely controlled and do not even realise that none of our thoughts and actions may be our own?

What if our fitrah has been diluted or destroyed through toxicity derived from our parents or our surrounding environs?

Why is the technocratic, technological paradigm dominant in all countries today, even Iran, and meets without protest?


On 9/30/2020 at 7:23 PM, Northwest said:


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On 10/19/2020 at 4:44 PM, Northwest said:

Is there any mention of human–angel hybrids (Nephilim, “giants” or “offspring of the Elohim and men”) in Islamic sources?

Among the "islamic occult practitioners", if they may be called that, there are like spread sheets of names and purposes of "super pious immortal divinely appointed djinns with names of angels". Like Satan's old name was "'Azazeel" (and he is of the Djinn, not angels but was appointed for some time), all their names end with "-eel". But that is all I will write on that.

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