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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Did a big sin during ramadan

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6 hours ago, YaAli223 said:

My concern is why I do not feel sad about having done so. I know that what I have done is bad but I do not FEEL that way.

From my own personal experience I would suggest that apart from reading holy QUR'AN ,try reading NAHAJUL BALAGHA... 

Nahajul balagha is a powerful source of Guidance, the letters of imam ali (عليه السلام) are so powerful, it shakes you from inside !! Try it once accompanied by Holy QUR'AN :)

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Prayers are like a firewall that safeguards us from the 'viruses' of Shaytaan; once we start slacking, Shaytaan gets through very easily. 

We're very blessed to be alive during this month of Mercy and Maghfira, and no matter what transgressions we have committed against ourselves, The Most Merciful is close by and awaiting our sincere repentance. He Ta'ala is all we've got. I remind myself to keep repeating Istighfar as I ponder my transgressions, from the bottom of my heart and as much I can during these blessed days. May Allah Ta'ala forgive us all and guide us to the path of Mohammed wa Aale Mohammed, Bihaqi Moahmmed wa Aale Mohammed saww.   


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The night of Qadr is almost here (the night of the 23rd of the month of Ramadan). The night of destiny, the night of power, the night the Quran was revealed, the night which is better than a thousand months. 

It's a golden opportunity for you to fix your relationship with God. No sin is too big in front of Allah's mercy. 

What city or time zone do you live in? There are many great islamic centers led by beautiful scholars that are doing live online night-long amal programs. If you tell me, I may be able to link some. 

But regardless, if you do it following an online group or yourself, do the AMAAL (special acts of worship, check out Duas.Org, read the english translations) for The Night of Qadr. Try your best to repent sincerely and pour your heart out. I've read that if you can't cry for real then pretend to cry. Fake it till you make it lol.

Also, I highly reccomend listening to and reading the subtitles of Dua Abu Hamza Thumali. This dua is perfect for your case! I listened to it the day before yesterday, on x2 speed (works for me), and it seriously melts your heart. It's one of the special duas to be recited in this month. 

Here it is: 



In one of the previous nights of Qadr, the scholar whose Amal I was following was saying something how like when you repent to Allah, he'll erase your sin fully. If you haven't repented yet already than do it asap! The earlier the better. Repent sincerely, have regret, make the intention to never repeat the sin again. 


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19 hours ago, YaAli223 said:

I am a 22 male who lives in the west. In the blessed month of ramadan I commited a sin. I drank alcohol.

Stop now. Do not ever drink it again. It's quite literally a poison & can easily kill you. Alcohol WILL destroy your health & ruin your life, I see it on a near-daily basis around where I live & it's very sad to see. I had a Turkish Sunni friend in high school who fell away from his faith and tried to go to booze parties and keep up with the hard drinkers. I miss him dearly, but as they say in the Addictions Anonymous programs: we are ultimately only responsible for ourselves, and our actions are nobody's responsibility but our own.

Go with tea or coffee. Coffee is the best social drink to ever exist & will never be topped.

You are in my prayers, brother.

(effervescence like in Kombucha won't impair you, the alcohol content is less than a fraction of a percent in all brands that I am aware of and only forms due to the fermentation of the tea & it's interaction with the live culture).

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