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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Kidney Stones and fasting

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Guest Assad

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Guest Assad


I do taqlid on Ayatollah Sistani

I want to fast and I feel good(ie I feel like I have no kidney stones), yet last year I found out that I have a few stones still in my kidneys(albeit few(

According to this link: https://www.sistani.org/english/archive/26418/ 

Fasting is not wajib(obligatory) on those who are ill, however, I still have a few stones despite feeling healthy.

Would that mean I still have to fast, but adjust eating habits in sehri and iftar?

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I think you are worrying too much about the potential of stones and too little about the blessings for your health and spirit you will lose when not fasting. 

Muslims in general drink MORE water during ramadan than during any other month in the year. Because most of us are very aware of the thirst next day. So just make sure you drink even more, since you're aware of your possible kidney stones. 

The human body can make it's own water, this means that as long as you don't eat anything, you can also not drink anything for multiple days!! So I'm sure you'll survive just 18 or 20 hours per day. 

Finally I would like to add, that I personally have done a 4 day dry fast, where we don't drink any water or food, and no kidneystones, I still had to urinate every morning. Just like a camel, we use our fat to make water. So please don't miss your fasting, it has so many benefits for your body and spirit. 

Ramadan Kareem

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Guest Just browsing

Don't fast. Keep drinking water. Don't let small health problems become bigger ones.

Allah forgives those who avoid fasting due to potential health complications. By fasting when you shouldn't, you are doubting Allah's mercy with all due respect.

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Guest guest

From https://www.sistani.org/english/qa/02655/



Question: I am suffering from a problem with my kidney. Dehydration will affect my kidney and worsen my health problem. What is my duty about fasting?

Answer: You cannot fast in the said case. If your problem continues until the next Ramadhan, Qadha is also not obligatory either; you should give one mudd of food stuffs as fidya for each day. One mudd is equal to 750 grams.


You can ask your medical practitioner if dehydration will worsen your health problems due to kidney stones. I have a similar situation and my urologist said that it is not a good idea to fast and I should drink water throughout the day.

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