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In the Name of God بسم الله

Do you have any tips for volunteering to do ghusl for the dead during the pandemic? 

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Salam Alakum,

I am currently working full- time from home during this pandemic and would like to help wherever I can. I have heard that there is a shortage of volunteers in the community, particularly women, able to do ghusl for the dead. I have just registered to be trained to be able to perform ghusl. I’ve never seen a dead body before and have never fully considered doing this.

One of the reasons I’m doing this is because I beleive it is our duty to step up at this difficult time. Many of us have signed the petition asking the UK government to ensure Muslims are not cremated during this pandemic but are we ready to actually support? As I’m sure you’ll agree, it is important that a Muslim has a dignified ghusl and burial. If you have any (short) recommended reads around the importance of an Islamic burial please do share.

Also I would appreciate any tips and pointers from anybody who has experience along the following lines:

1) my parents will most likely discourage me from doing this and may object as they are scared I’ll be at risk. I believe it is my duty to step up so if you have any persuasive points around the benefits of it please let me know. 

2) how can I stay level headed and calm when seeing and touching a dead body.

3) I am a little forgetful and I’m nervous I might forget anything complicated that needs reciting. Will I need to remember or recite any difficult duaas? I have seen a video which only says that I need to make niya at each stage which is fine for me. 

4) any other pointers are much appreciated 


Here is the training video I watched for initial research purposes FYI:



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[Mod Note: The video below shows how to make Tayamum instead of Ghusl for the deceased, and how to wrap the body in the shroud (Kaffan) for burial.]


Covid 19 Tutorial on Tayamum in times of Difficulty 

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