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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

When Mountains Are Lifted

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As I lay in this chair

blissfully unaware

of things to come

futures untold

where I will truly be bold

and speak of things

though my heart at rest

and rest does the throne of You

I quiver at the thought that I should associate my heart with your throne

though kings who rule the heavens

who have decimated cycles of thought amongst people

and people who have conveyed silence through their stillness

I still wonder

is there still much to implore

where my tears are about to roll

for people who have died before

oh Lord

Lord of the heavens who understands 

that which all your believers reprimand

to understand that there are multitudes of such

who understand You very much

and love You as I do but there is so much

fear and suffering and difference in such

though when you bring your believers by whatever means

will I see that all is not what it seems

where I truly wish to say seam and stitch something of a cunning

to release my mind of what it knew before

of knowledge, wisdom, timing, galore

where I knew of no galore and knew who to advise and endear 

implore You to confide in and to You to run to
for I stopped in my tracks and remembered to medicate

for my medication was something of a trying case

for cased is my mind until you release

and unto the release the release of such beasts

of words which inspire which dice which complete

a cosmic revolution of such upon the heats

of the feet of men and women who dare to revolutionize

the world from fears from those who truly hide

and unto the worlds do we rise and unto the worlds do we strike

and to the destinies called do I call upon the Muslims

and upon the believers who truly do fear You and unto their calling I seldom

rely for cry after cry I call unto You to raise the levels of imaan to those who know

know that power is for Him and Him alone

though know we are wondrous upon the heavens as the kings above

for the clouds do guide us and we fly with white doves

for truly the calling of Allah is upon us all

and through the gates is there a truer calling

for unto the Lord of the Heaven do I beseech

for the followers of Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) know this much

times are arriving

rise for the Imam

rise for your love

rise not 

for risers are those who desire war

and war is a destitution upon those who understand the calling of the Imam

for those who understand justice of higher accords understand that which necessitates the bounties of their Lord, unto Mercy, unto Servitude

for the keys of Heaven are revealed upon such a time and unto the Lord of Time does the Imam of time bestow travel to those who understand such consequences of thought, higher integrity unto the philosophies of men and women who understand the passages of time, the paradigms of time, for paradigms are understood unto those who understand the necessities of passages of time, and unto the nature of time which confines, will it burst.


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