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Post 911/war on terror related articles/video/news reports/other facts here

I'll start:

5 dancing Israelis
Haaretz report:
"5 Israelis Detained for Puzzling Behavior' After WTC Tragedy" Reported September 17 2001
"They are said to have had been caught videotaping the disaster and shouting in what was interpreted as cries of joy and mockery"
Link: https://www.haaretz.com/1.5396918


The Israelis were "picked up by F.B.I. agents in midday on Sept. 11, they had a box cutter with them. One man carried $4,000 in cash, another had two passports". All 5 of them were Israeli Jews.
"Besides the cash and the passports, one man had fresh pictures of the smoldering wreckage of the trade center in his camera, images he had captured by standing rather conspicuously on the roof of the van. "
They were also separated after being detained by the FBI from the non-Jews (goys), according to the same article.
Source: New York Times, 5 Young Israelis, Caught in Net of Suspicion
Published: October 8, 2001

Box cutters found on other flights
CNN report:
"Box cutters found on other September 11 flights"
September 24, 2001
Link: https://www.cnn.com/2001/US/09/23/inv.investigation.terrorism/
"The hijackers who seized the airliners on September 11 had used box cutters to attack some of the crew and passengers, according to government officials and accounts from passengers in-flight who phoned relatives before their planes crashed."

Israeli IM service Odigo had two employees receive text messages telling them not to come to work, predicting 911
"Odigo Says Workers Were Warned of Attack "
"Micha Macover, CEO of the company, said the two workers received the messages and immediately after the terror attack informed the company's management, which immediately contacted the Israeli security services, which brought in the FBI. "
Source:  Yuval Dror, Haaretz, 26.09.2001
link: https://www.haaretz.com/1.5410231

With Israel, you fail!

Now, about Bin Laden:

It's already common knowledge that Bin Laden fought on the US side of the Soviet Afghan war, US foreign policy advisers have even defended doing so in interviews. So I'll only discuss uncommon knowledge:
US, CIA, NATO supported Al Qaeda in the Balkans in the 90s as well, dozens of sites cited here because Americans tend to dismiss articles based on who published it rather than see that they used actual FBI files

Head of the ISI, whom Bush called for help in the war on terror 2 days after 911, Mahmoud Ahmad transferred 100k to 911 ring leader.
He was also in close contact with US gov't officials at the same time

2 months before 911, CIA officials met with Bin Laden at an American hospital in Dubai. This was also confirmed by anonymous eyewitness reports of medical staff who worked there.
Source: CBS News, "Hospital Worker: I Saw Osama",  January 28, 2002, 5:21 PM
""On that night," said a medical worker who wanted her identity protected, "they moved out all the regular staff in the urology department and sent in a secret team to replace them." She said it was treatment for a very special person and "the special team was obviously up to no good.""
Other eyewitnesses said they saw many trucks arrive there too.
This was also confirmed by a report from Le Figaro, a French source.
"Intelligence sources say that another CIA agent was also present; and that Bin Laden was also visited by Prince Turki al Faisal, then head of Saudi intelligence, who had long had links with the Taliban, and Bin Laden"
Source: The Guardian, https://www.theguardian.com/world/2001/nov/01/afghanistan.terrorism

In that same report, "Bin Laden has often been reported to be in poor health. Some accounts claim that he is suffering from Hepatitis C, and can expect to live for only two more years. "

According to Dan Rather on CBS, Osama was back in the hospital September 10
Transcript of CBS report, 28 January 2002, http://www.cbsnews.com/sto-ries/2002/01/28/eveningnews/main325887.shtml
First reported by Le Figaro: See Alexandra Richard, “La CIA aurait rencontré ben Laden en juillet”, 2November 2001,Le Figaro, English translation by Tiphaine Dickson, Centre forResearch on Globalization, November 2001

I'm trying to find that Youtube video where they had the TV show shortly after 911 and talked about "Middle Eastern men" celebrating the attacks. Also the FBI files on the 5 dancing Israelis have been out for a while.


Dick Cheney: 'We've never made the case, or argued the case, that somehow Osama Bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11'
Source: The Wisdom Fund, June 8, 2006 (rev 1/20/09), "FBI: Bin Laden Not Wanted for 9/11"

The Associated Press on LIBN: "Experts say science lacking on 9/11 and cancer"
Can't believe something as basic as this even had to be said. Is 911 the American version of what the Holocaust means in Israel? (By that I mean, they claim people are still dying today from it)

"No 'Smoking Gun' Tying Saudi Arabia to 9/11 Attacks in Secret 28 Pages"
By Massimo Calabresi
July 15, 2016

FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”
When asked why there is no mention of 9/11 on Bin Laden’s Most Wanted web page, Rex Tomb (Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI) said, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.”

Shortly after 911, Bin Laden immediately denied responsibility, use the wayback machine and see CNN's page on the day of 911 for more info.

"June 17, 2011 - The US Justice Department formally drops terrorism-related criminal charges against bin Laden."
Osama bin Laden Fast Facts
Source: CNN Editorial Research
Updated 6:37 PM ET, Wed November 13, 2019

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