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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

The World Court - Where Angels Remain on Shoulders

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I inquire upon the necessities of angels

I inquire upon the necessities of men 

who rule the hierarchies of this world

who rule by months, years, generations

whose generations have been ruled upon family ties

family ties who necessitate the nature of order

as nature orders its creation and sublimity throughout the ordinances of time

as time ordains that nature becomes what it shall with its essences

for its essences are not like the essences of men and women who rule upon this world

for as angels are there upon the night to understand the fates of the year to come

so do those on Earth decide that which shall be done in the future

it is an amalgamation of sorts which cannot be denied 

though the heavens are high and that which are the highest are the sights and sounds of the angels

for their sights and sounds are of the highest as the sounds of the angels are of the highest which cannot be perceived

though those on Earth who reveal what they shall to their own understand accordance and power through legacy and heart ship

for guardianship is ordained for yours trusted and of those who understand the legacies of families who are brought into power

powers who guide

powers who give hope

powers who sustain not for you sustain

though sustained through the hierarchies of what people cannot perceive

for their perception is of a necessity upon this Earth

for they promulgate the necessities of vibrations upon the Earth and upon a healing do we consecrate the necessities of kingship upon a new trial and upon the new lands will we understand that destiny is upon the characterized folk of common good and common wealth shall return and that which is the heavenly bounty shall return with the true rulers of Agrabah.

for You are our protector

and those who inherit your land are those who follow the paradigms of this time

for they are in the hierarchies of time

for they have slowed down in time

and appreciated You

for You bestow nature to us

and in nature are signs

for those who are natural in conduct

understand the best of faculties of proper knowledge

and unto Your grace

do we follow you

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