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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Criminals and Kings - The World of the Illuminati

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I consequence to know of things unknown

through the past which left souls undone

and into the sun I flew without wings

and into the skies of light I flew with kings

a nightmare and heaven of sorts

where limbo left me perplexed and vexed unto virtue

and everlasting energy left me at the reigns of turmoil

and death was close at my feet a number of times

due to unknown consequences, unforeseen consequences

of healthy choices that would inevitably ruin my body

though truly they were mechanisms of foul play

and every three days I would come alive again

and these three days were the happiest days of my life

I would live these three days time to time after recovering from a day with destiny

and then I would return to the nightmarish world which was my life

not knowing up from down

not knowing left from right

though you could say I knew direction quite well

I was literally moving yes

but the limbo which surrounded me was much like a mist in a spiraling tunnel

walking in I would lose all sight and gravity and be at the mercy of the wind 

and there were no signs

there were absolutely no signs

because all the signs that were present were the vitality of life I was living

the torments and the excruciating pain of living

the excruciating pain of living

I wished for death multiple times

though I was brought back to the reality of comfort by the grace of intuition

I regained the family that I had before

and unto peace would I find myself

though the chariots of fire

and the kings in the heavens

often now do I wish to venture into such adventures again

though foolish I am

for they were nightmarish journeys

though they made me who I am today

tonight is the night you die again

perchance the chariots of fire will take you to the heavens again

though expect hardships as well as glad tidings

for light bestows sight and sight bestowed through suffering is such

that no one would want to endure what you have

I'm selfish for thinking no one's endured harder


if I could unravel a tapestry of criminals

whose crimes I have heard and witnessed

seldom few would wish this life

seldom few would wish for knowledge

seldom few would wish to know things

though they watch television

eyes are upon you

eyes are upon us

eyes are upon them

everyone watches everyone else

this life is not a life

this life is a prison

and yet my soul is free

do you feel the rhythms?

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